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Nis Rømer
15 Dec 2008
Is a project by artists Christian Hillesö and Johan Tirén. In the year 2000 and again in 2008 they sent letters to the 100 largest companies, according to the Fortune Magazine Global 500, which is based upon the annual turnover of global corporations. The appeal to the ethical responsibility of such corporations - who tend to be involved in everyday lives in the global village - was manifested in three basic questions: what is your views on Democracy?, what is your views on power?, what is your views on economy? -Read their answers as well as non- answers online.

Art + Activism / Public Projects
30 Oct 2008
LE GRAND MAGASIN is the title of a store opening in October 2008 in Berlin. The store and exhibition will display and sell products from European cooperatives. It will provide a forum and raise consciousness about products promoting solidarity and alternative types of doing business and manufacturing.
The Project is made by artist Andreas Wegner and will be an exiting exploration and display of workers owned businesses and area that has been little explored in a European context.

Art + Activism / Artists / Social Practice / Sustainability
13 Oct 2008
Norway, Sørfinnset
Check our new feature on Sørfinnset skole; a self organized and very remarkable place and artproject in northern Norway.

Public Projects / Social Practice / Sustainability
06 Oct 2008
The Shut Down the Camp Initiative calls for a day of action against the Sandholm refugee camp in North Zealand, Denmark.
On the 25. of October we are planning a massive civil disobedience action. Our aim is to dismantle the Sandholm camp, and thereby physically challenge the racism of the Danish refugee policy.

Art + Activism
03 Oct 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
Is a Danish grass roots organization working for freedom and justice. They operate in between culture, fashion and politics. In 2006 they produced two t-shirts in support of FARC and PFLP. These organizations are in the EU list of terror organizations and this made the Danish Government charge them with supporting terrorism. Who's a freedom fighter and who's is a terrorist, and who gets to define that is the fundamental question. After being acquitted the first time, the second time they were convicted in the court. F&L is now trying to get the case to the highest Danish court.

Art + Activism
16 Sep 2008
3 day conference; 18-20 September 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
Politics of Designing broaches the issue of a possible political practice, and translates it into the field of design and architecture. Speakers and titles include: "Jakob Jakobsen: Gentrification & Revolt in Copenhagen", "Jens Haaning: Design and Fascism in Denmark today – from Bodum to Arne Jacobsen"
Speakers also include Pelin Tan, Lars Bang Larsen and others. Held at (but not organized by) Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.

Architecture / Events / Urban/City
15 Sep 2008
For nearly 40 years professor in geography: David Harvey has been doing a much talked about course consisting of a close chapter to chapter reading of Karl Marx's Capital. The whole course is now online as 13 videos to be viewed in your browser or downloaded as sound or video.

Books / Education / Free
12 Sep 2008
From September 17th to 21st 2008 the European Social Forum (ESF) is being held in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The forum is by far the biggest meeting place for social movements and a progressive civil society in Europe - with the aim to create a better Europe and a better world. More than 20 000 people are expected to participate in Malmö. During five days over 200 seminars and workshops will be mixed with even more culture, film, music, informal meetings, activism and demonstrations.

Art + Activism / Social Practice / Sustainability
12 Sep 2008
Alt_cph and the Free art fair
Copenhagen, Denmark
Sometimes confused if you are at an art fair or in a shopping mall? Two art fairs in Copenhagen and London gives you a break.

This year Alt_Cph offers a platform for Scandinavian non-profit art spaces. It presents projects engaged with immaterial art practices such as sound art, performance, activism and net art. 19-21 September 2008

The Free Art Fair is an art fair where all the work is given away at the end. Taking place in London 13-19 October

Events / Free
21 Jul 2008
UK, Kent
The Camp for Climate Action, at Kingsnorth, Kent, 3rd to 11th August.
"The world is changing. Food riots abroad, house prices and pensions collapsing at home, energy prices skyrocketing worldwide. And slap bang in the middle of all of this - climate change."
Oganize and make culture for a sustainable future not dependent on endles capitalist expansion.

Art + Activism / Sustainability
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Here are the ten art projects that deal with the subject of Climate Change, including us.

Joni T


nowHere, a space where a spot becomes a place.
15 march - 25 may, 2008

nowHere, is a cabinet which invokes a dialogue on re-appropriation of the private and public domain. Through personal tags and geographies (books, movies, music, websites, drawings, mappings, photocopies, art works, ... ) it reads as a 'certain' historical relation between human, space and technology.

bolwerK considers the constructed in-between space of architect C.Kieckens, within the art space, Z33, not as a sub-art space with a curatorial reading; a cabinet as 'museum' but as a space with a personal narrative and a social meaning embedded in a neighborhood. The active use of the space for living, eating, working, sleeping implies that the cabinet is more a 'room of collection', in a live, real-time situation.

During PLACE@SPACE Marthe Van Dessel will post live from Z33, as a guest contributor on Free Soil, to connect, publish and share her discourse
with the virtual open public resources of the net.

The the conceptualization of the space as 'ongoing', work-in-progress externalizes the precarity of information, issues of copyright, authorship, knowledge production and hierarchical information networks.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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