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DIY / Homebrew
16 Apr 2010
A great little video about the growing popularity of the solar powered Wheelie Bin (council garbage bins) Sound System and their uses on the street!

DIY / Homebrew / Urban/City
28 Mar 2010
TODAY ....
"Liberate the horizontal. Integrate the vertical super-surface."
Pretty self explanatory.
See you in the branches.

International Tree Climbing Day is a project by the Duo Collective (Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting). Formed in 2002, Duo produced a range of projects, in terms of duration, formality and resources. Some where short, messy and cheap, others where long, expensive and structured.

More info.

DIY / Homebrew / Free / Sustainability
22 Mar 2010
US, San Francisco
"As the SF Board of Supervisors prepares to vote on a law that would make it illegal to sit or lie on any sidewalk in the city, San Franciscans from all walks of life will respond by participating in a creative celebration of the city’s public space, culture, and tradition of compassion.

On Saturday, March 27, people in every neighborhood will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them."

DIY / Homebrew / Events / Free
04 Apr 2009
Urban Prescriptions
A group of AAA's (artists, activists and architects) that look for loopholes in the bureaucratic system of city planning to reclaim parts of the city by those who it really belongs to. Their 'solutions' are mostly mobile and temporary, allowing for alterations in an ever changing environment.
Their website shows all their projects under 4 categories: Strategies for Subversive Urban Occupation, Housing, Collaborative Architecture and Flirting with Art.

Architecture / DIY / Homebrew / Organizations / Public Projects
14 Nov 2008
US, California
"An inventory of urban and suburban sustainable ideas and the people behind them. Disobeying the suburban aesthetic laws for common sense, locavorism, human footprint reduction. Escaping consumerism by saving seeds, making your own honey, compost, houses etc...."

Besides this blog, Susan Husky has also published Eco Heroes, a collection of stories and images from East Bay backyard activism.

Blogs / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
12 Nov 2008
The most ingenious project i have seen in ages. Completely inspiring!! Go go go!
TheWhoFarm is a non-partisan, petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House, our nation’s First Home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
19 Jun 2008
"An urban epiphyte is a native plant you wear on your person. (urban ep-i-phyte, noun): A biological indicator that lives wholly with the architecture of human bodies as they move through space; as a means to provide a measure of local ecological health and symbiotic cohesion. Participants are given their own epiphyte, an adaptable pouch filled with soil, compost and a native plant, able to adhere to persons or objects. The idea is to attach the epiphyte to your person or belongings as you go about your daily routine. The project is recording the various narratives that occur within the placement of the epiphyte on yourself and in the varied spaces throughout the city."

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
26 May 2008
CABAN UNNOS: IT’S NOW-OR-NEVER invites artists and other participants to collaborate on building a one-night-house in Berlin during the NEW LIFE BERLIN Festival in June 2008.
The project is conceived and developed by the Sheffield-based art group No Fixed Abode.

Architecture / Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Exhibitions
22 Mar 2008
Mojave, US
We recently met artists and educators Deena Capparelli and Claude Willey who are behind the project MOISTURE. Two deeply inspired folks...

MOISTURE is an experimental research project undertaken by a Los Angeles-based artist collective. Focused on developing location-sensitive structures for the collection, retention, and use/re-use of water in the Mojave Desert, the collective are invested in creating microclimates within one of the driest desert regions on the planet.

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Education / Sustainability
01 Dec 2007
Two city kids quit their jobs, pull up stumps and journey to a remote, empty, block of land to start an ultra low impact lifestyle from scratch.

DIY / Homebrew / Education / Sustainability
06 Nov 2007
SHARE is an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection, and happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world.

Interested in starting a gathering? See the do it yourself page.

DIY / Homebrew / Events / Free
31 Oct 2007
US, San Francisco
In relation to BioTechnique, curator Phil Ross is organizing 'Technebiotics' :
"Part science fair, part county fair, this interactive afternoon event will feature multiple live demonstrations and do-it-yourself workshops on a wide range of biological techniques and processes. Artists, scientists and educators will demonstrate how to spool DNA, extract and cultivate stem cells, construct a home distiller or a hyrdoponic garden, hybridize plants, and more. See cutting edge laboratory equipment alongside traditional horticultural methods and enjoy hands-on interaction with each display. Technebiotics promotes the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology in a “DIY” atmosphere, and will bring together expert knowledge and playful experimentation in this afternoon of technical flora and fauna."

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Education / Events / Exhibitions
05 Oct 2007
A weekend gathering for collaborative + creative reflection on art + politics
North West, England
Technology / Authorship / Ways of Living / Art Market
5th - 7th October, 2007
Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, North West England.

The Knowledge Lab is an attempt to provide a collective space for anti-capitalist reflection. It is located at the margin of the university, an institution essentially geared towards the production of knowledge as a resource for corporate interest and as justification for particular constellations of power relations. The Knowledge Lab is hence also an attempt to claim back some of the university's space, resources and know-how from the military-industrial complex and make them available for people concerned about and working against the status quo of unceasing commodification, exploitation, war, and biospherical destruction.

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Education / Events
01 Oct 2007
The free-media toolkit
"Gearbox is the outcome of twelve-months development work between the MediaShed and Eyebeam Art and Technology Centre in New York, to create a resource for low-budget filmmaking. Comprised of “how to” step by step examples, Gearbox shows people innovative ways of recording footage using unusual combinations of found resources (such as CCTV Video Sniffin' or Spy Kiting) and low-budget methods of reproducing professional film making techniques (for example, achieving a crane shot using a fishing pole).

The MediaShed is the first “free-media” space to open in the East of England and is located at the mouth of the Thames. It's a place for doing art, making things or just saying what you want for little or no financial cost by using the public domain, free and open source software, recycled equipment and enthusiasm. It's also a place to say what you want “freely”, using accessible media systems that can be taken apart and reused without unnecessary restrictions and controls."

DIY / Homebrew / Free / Organizations
22 Aug 2007
"This blog began as a place to record the acts of illicit cultivation around London. Now it's a growing arsenal for anyone interested in the war against the neglect of public space. Everyone who signs up to the blog is welcome to share any of their guerrilla gardening activities. In the tips section you can find out about all the basic things to remember."

DIY / Homebrew / Urban/City
27 Jul 2007
8 - 12th August 2007
"The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. The Camp features two conference tracks with interesting lectures, a workshop-track and over 30 villages providing workshops and gettogethers covering a specific topic."

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Events
14 Jun 2007
"Historically we have sought to know the world by categorizing and classifying what we see around us. There is, however, a whole universe of easily overlooked and forgotten things that remain unclassified. Once noticed, these Very Small Objects seem to exist in every niche and corner in staggering numbers and varieties. We encounter these objects every day hidden in plain sight. They fill our pockets, cabinets, and corners. They populate our environments and make our machines work. They come from our plants, our pets, and even from our own bodies.

Very Small Objects aims to address these glaring exclusions and oversights by creating a new system of classification to describe and categorize all of them, regardless of their origin or composition, within a single comprehensive system."

DIY / Homebrew / Exhibitions
02 May 2007
An evolving online comic collection questioning the notion of "homeland".

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew
06 Apr 2007
San Francisco
Sunday, April 15th, 2007
1-3:30pm/ Readings begin at 2pm
located on 7th Ave. at Lawton Streets

Presentations + Readings by:
Amy Balkin, Henrik Lebuhn, Marina McDougall, Rick + Meagan Prelinger/Prelinger Archives, Erik Zo

A one-day public library created by artists, gardeners and friends of the Garden for the Environment. Invited, one and all, to bring a selection from your private library to the garden for a one-day only public library. By sharing a selection of your favorite books we will temporarily create a collective dream library. Please bring no more than ten books on the following themes: Urban gardening, art and nature, food history, art/policy/farming, sustainability/self-reliance, future of food, social history of food/gardens.

Books can be children's books, non-fiction, how-to guides, scientific/botanical illustrations, recipe books, zines and fiction. Come prepared to read, sip tea and share selections from your favorite books.

If you cannot make it, we will create an online archive at Library Thing.

DIY / Homebrew / Events / Free / Public Projects / Social Practice / Sustainability
04 Apr 2007
US, New York
Hanne Mugaas and Cory Arcangel are concerned with the Internet and its possibilities for archiving and distributing information. Art history uploaded to the Internet is certainly an alternative one...Based on user generated content, the Internet has become a unique channel of distribution where the responsibility of interpretation lies in the hands of the receiver and his/her ability to sort out and analyze the given information. For this event, Mugaas and Arcangel will sort and collect images, video, and audio from the Internet in order to discern where art and art history on the web is situated right now.

DIY / Homebrew / Free / Virtual Soil
11 Mar 2007
"The Musicians' Alliance for Peace (MAP) is dedicated to promoting and celebrating peace with music. Since 2004, MAP has called on people around the world to join together to affect change and help those in need.

Anyone who loves music can participate in the Music for Peace Project between March 30 and April 1. Past performances have ranged from intimate gatherings of friends who perform for each other in their homes to symphony orchestra performances in major concert halls. All you need is the desire to bring people together with music and you can make things happen."

Artists / Calls / DIY / Homebrew / Events / Organizations
07 Mar 2007
As the "greening" business flourishes and people start replacing their non-green products with "green" products, what will happen to the flurry of pre-green consumer waste?

Superuse has some ingenious examples of giving disposed products a second or other life.

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
07 Dec 2006
Since 1957, "In God We Trust" was put on all paper currency in the United States. In the early 1990s, the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit to remove the national motto, but their case was dismissed by a federal judge on the grounds that "In God We Trust" is not a religious phrase.
As a reaction, Mitchell Kahle has been using a red pen or stamp to mark a circle and slash over the word "God" on every bill that passes his way and calculated that his "godless" money must have reached about half-million people by now.

DIY / Homebrew / Social Practice
28 Nov 2006
My friends Melinda Stone and Francis Lake have truly gone back to the land. The homestead is 7 hours north of San Francisco and offers goats, chickens, a large garden, orchard, a creek with swimming holes and flowing waterfalls. The entire farm is off the grid and self sustained.

They have started an Artist in Residency and internship program.

Join them!

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
20 Nov 2006
Creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff
UK, Leeds
Two sites in one: How can I Recycle this?Recycle this? and Compost this?, as the latter grew out of the first one. Both sites suggesting at least one item a week to recycle or compost. Feel free to propose them items you reuse (or would like to).

Blogs / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
10 Nov 2006
The Italian Media Jacking Movement
'Telestreet' is a network of pirate micro TV transmitters setup by media activists across Italy as reaction against Silvio Berlusconi's 'personal' RAI network.

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Organizations
23 Oct 2006
Temescal Amity Works is a two-year project by Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves (editor of: "What we want is free"), sited in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, where they also live. They maintain a storefront, a series of free publications, a website and a crop-sharing program. The projects considers how existing models of local collectivism and exchange both personal and economic can be extended into aestetic practices and how these can feed back into and layer a site and a community.

DIY / Homebrew / Public Projects / Social Practice / Sustainability
15 Oct 2006
mikroPaliskunta is an expedition that travelled through Finland from the northest point Nuorgam to the southest Hanko with a stuffed reindeer and five artists by biodiesel car. (A 1986 Volvo running on turnip rape oil and green diesel). They studied the contemporary image of Finland from different point of views. How has the rapid changes in society affected people? What is Finnish? And what are the symbols of Finland and who defines them?

DIY / Homebrew / Public Projects
07 Sep 2006
US, Chicago
People Powered designs experimental pilot programs that integrate art, environmentalism, and communities. By presenting these projects in exhibitions and public locations in the city, People Powered creates a platform for discussing how these practices may intersect.

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
05 Sep 2006
Idea Art for Kids
US, Los Angeles
Youngest Professionals Unlimited is a school, studio, and gallery where contemporary art is manifest by The Youngest Professionals. The Youngest Professionals are children and adolescents ages 6-18 years old who share the same art practice as the post-post-modern, neo-minimalist, post-neo-romantic, neo-realist, skater-punk, institutional critique, post-studio, post-exhibitionist, relational, not-art, research-based, and new millennium conceptual artists that participate in the global art world today.

See also: Idea Art for Kids: Lesson Plan

DIY / Homebrew / Education / Organizations
31 Aug 2006
From 1971 to 1991, the New Alchemy Institute conducted research and education on behalf of the planet :

"Among our major tasks is the creation of ecologically derived human support systems - renewable energy, agriculture aquaculture, housing and landscapes. The strategies we research emphasize a minimal reliance on fossil fuels and operate on a scale accessible to individuals, families and small groups. It is our belief that ecological and social transformations must take place at the lowest functional levels of society if humankind is to direct its course towards a greener, saner world."

Architecture / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
06 Jul 2006
Sustainable architecture
An Earthship is a house that can provide in all basic needs of life and has a minimal ecological impact. It's concept was developed by architect Michael Reynolds and is based on the ideas of using durable technology, the reusage of discarded materials and being autonomous. Meanwhile about a 1000 earthships have been build on several continents.
A few other links:

Architecture / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
31 May 2006
Artist, Joost Conijn built a car that runs on wood,using wood as fuel instead of petrol. In order to keep the motor running, Conijn travels through woods, independent of petrol, leaving cultivated roads behind. Crossing little villages, people guide him to local saw-mills and offer him some food and spare wood. Wood Car stems from Conijn's desire to move and transport himself independently, towards alternative ways of life just outside the accommodated environment, open-mindedly questioning cultural presumptions.

Other projects include a self-made "Airplane" and a non-judgemental documentary, "Siddieqa, Firdaus, Abdallah, Soelayman, Moestafa, Hawwa en Dzoel-kifl", about a group of self-governing, anarchic children living in Holland.

Comprehensive Site of his work, but in Dutch:

Hout Auto:
the Challenge Blog
Still Photo

1. Quote from Handbook for Space Pioneers

Art + Activism / Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
28 May 2006
Make-shift vegetable oil-powered journey
"We don't think it is natural to have five lanes of cars rushing towards Amsterdam; we don't think it is natural to expect all trains to run on time, certainly not if they give us four to ten opportunities an hour to rush you to our destination. And we don't think it is natural that we, against better judgement, allow the market to determine what will and will not happen with the world. "

Photographer Jeroen Nooter and artist Sara Nuytemans drove a vegetable oil-powered truck to Mongolia in the summer of 2005. Travelling a distance of 11,711 km to advocate the use of vegetable oil as fuel and to create a greater awareness for Mongolia.

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
25 May 2006
Outdoor movie theatre
US, Santa Cruz
Beyond showing great movies and bringing a broad community together, part of their mission is helping reclaim public space and transforming our urban environment into the joyful playground it should be.
Schedules and other GDI-locations are published on the site along with a DIY page, to learn how to start your own Guerilla Drive-In.

Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Events
07 May 2006
Free access to wonderful content; Free Range Practice Guides, Buying Collectively, and Protesting in Public to name a few.
Other projects and connections:
Energy Beyond Oil
Access to Recycled Technology
Brave New Brum


Art + Activism / DIY / Homebrew / Free / Organizations / Sustainability / Urban/City
14 Apr 2006
US, New York
Beekeeper, David Graves farms bees on New York City rooftops in exchange for tasty honey. He claims that NY city sprays less pesticides than an orchard where he would normally retrieve honey. His honey is also contributing to a local pride, as the honey collected from New York City bees is distinctive, varying in flavor from borough to borough and even neighborhood to neighborhood.

Another great link:
High Rise Honey

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability / Urban/City
20 Feb 2006
In Belgrade, Anton Peterka and his son Igor have created a car powered by wood. Constructing a mechanism in and around a '85 Yugo, they are able to use an old process based on incomplete combustion of wood to drive their car up to 85 km/h. Although the exhaust fumes are probably less poisonous and its cost much lower than conventional driving using gasoline, I don't want to suggest everybody starts doing this.! Nevertheless a beautiful story.!

DIY / Homebrew
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The aim of all descriptions of cities is to know how to live, to see what is coming and accept it and become part of it or, better, see what could...
Joni T


FRUIT takes up the challenge of elevating the ecological knowledge of consumers and encouraging a way of life that is friendly to the environment. We want consumers to be conscious of the entire life of a product, from production to utilization, and not just what they see in the stores. Consumers must be aware that every phase of a product's life influences the environment and ourselves.

Free Soil has produced a run of FRUIT wrappers, a website, and a traveling installation as part of an initiative to inform people about alternative food systems and local food movements. The wrappers are disseminated throughout the food chain by piggybacking on oranges. Information will be carried through the food system and into the hands of consumers. The wrapper holds information on a variety of aspects concerning food movements, transport and urban farming. Get your daily dose!

Contribute Now!

Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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