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14 Oct 2010
The Urban Reinventors Online Urban Journal is conceived as a collection of writings, commentaries, reportages, photographic galleries, films and videos on urban topics. Each thematic issue is meant to lead the reader into a fascinating journey around the bright and dark sides of our contemporary urban condition.

Articles / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
01 Sep 2010
Latvia, Kurzeme
The Herbologies/Foraging Networks programme of events, focused in Helsinki (Finland) and Kurzeme region of Latvia, explores the cultural traditions and knowledge of herbs, edible and medicinal plants, within the contemporary context of online networks, open information-sharing, biological and hydroponic technologies.

Food / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
16 Jan 2010
"Tired of your Social Network? Everyone should have the right to disconnect. Seamless connectivity and rich social experience offered by web2.0 companies are the very antithesis of human freedom. Users are entraped in a high resolution panoptic prison without walls, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego.

Suicide Machine currently runs with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn!"

Virtual Soil
04 Aug 2009
"The Anecdote Archive is a compilation of short video recordings of word-of-mouth as an alternative to traditional documentation of ephemeral art projects and practices. Focusing on performances, situations, personal encounters, actions and other temporary events, the archive aims to register memorable experiences and their echoes."

Artists / Film / Video / Virtual Soil
08 Mar 2009
JACKRABBIT HOMESTEAD is a forthcoming book and web-based multimedia presentation featuring a downloadable car audio tour exploring the cultural legacy of the Small Tract Act in Southern California's Morongo Basin region near Joshua Tree National Park. Stories from this underrepresented regional history are told through the voices of local residents, historians, and area artists—many of whom reside in reclaimed historic cabins and use the structures as inspiration for their creative work.

Architecture / Books / Virtual Soil
19 Nov 2008
Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions have joined to form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project. The group is developing a strategy and operational plan to digitize the published literature of biodiversity held in their respective collections. This literature will be available through a global “biodiversity commons.”

Free / Open Source / Virtual Soil
16 Nov 2008
"A site where anyone with an internet connection can watch a movie to educate themselves or simply explore another perspective whenever they please. These movies aren't just for education but are also for entertainment.

As a secondary objective allows independent filmmakers to have their message heard by viewers that they may not normally reach."

Free / Virtual Soil
14 Oct 2008
Portland, Oregon
A Portland based database of wild food sources.

Sustainability / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
05 Aug 2008
Anywhere is dedicated to exploring ideas and action about the commons—which encompasses natural assets such as oceans and clean air as well as cultural endowments like the Internet, scientific research and the arts.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Virtual Soil
14 Jun 2008
US, Troy
The Society for a Subliminal State agitates against the exclusive use of empirical evidence in the search for truth. It is an organization that believes there are many different types of digging that may be productively undertaken.

The Society for a Subliminal State mirrors the form of a traditional historical society, contributing to the public discourse through a newsletter, a variety of public projects, a membership program, and a website.

The Society believes that if you see it three times then it too may be the path to truth.

Articles / Organizations / Virtual Soil
08 Jun 2008
Once again The Journal of Aesthetics and protest Press brings us "an emblematic, ambitious, and inspiring online project": In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements.

Coordinated by the editorial collective Team Colors, Whirlwinds provides a set of useful documents for contemporary radical organizing. Each essay and interview addresses the issues of fulminating power, and gives strategic insight into the strengths and weaknesses of current movement/s in the U.S. Whirlwinds’ strategic context is this summer’s RNC and DNC protests.

Art + Activism / Free / Virtual Soil
08 May 2008
New Media Symposium and Art Festival
US, Berkeley
June 1, 2008 - June 3, 2008

Three days of new media and art hosted by BAM/PFA and the Berkeley Center for New Media, timed to link with 01SJ: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, a new media art biennial taking place June 4–8 in San Jose. Occurring together for the first time, these two events combine to create one of the nation’s largest gatherings of new media art, a virtual “big bang” of innovation and creativity.

The Berkeley Big Bang program will include a two-day symposium on new media, art, science, and the body in partnership with Berkeley Center for New Media and Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology; a campus media lab demonstration and open house; and an alternate reality game. Berkeley Big Bang is presented in tandem with BAM/PFA exhibitions of work by media artists Trevor Paglen, Jim Campbell, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Scott Snibbe.

Artists / Events / Virtual Soil
27 Apr 2008
Preserve the past - illuminate the present - shape the future
"The Freedom Archives contains over 8000 hours of audiotapes. These recordings date from the late-60s to the mid-90s and chronicle the progressive history of the Bay Area, the United States, and international solidarity movements. The collection includes weekly news/ poetry/ music programs broadcast on several educational radio stations; in-depth interviews and reports on social and cultural issues; diverse activist voices; original and recorded music, poetry, original sound collages; and an extensive La Raza collection.

These materials constitute a compelling record of 30 years of recorded sound and cultural diversity. The music/poetry mixes, production techniques, and sound collages represent an innovative contribution to the art of radio and the cultural ambiance of "the 60s" and subsequent decades."

Public Projects / Quotes / Virtual Soil
18 Apr 2008
"In all parts of the world, city governments struggle to keep pace with the energy and mobility needs of their expanding populations. Tourism, migration, military conflict, and environmental disasters all keep human beings on the move. Many choose their destinations, while others are forced towards them. Our 21st century world may ride the precarious line between the temporary and the permanent, and the ecosystems plundered by our unquenchable energy needs might have the final word. "

Conducting Mobility is an online exhibition Ryan Griffis and Claude Willey collide with a carload of cultural projects, including our own FRUIT, focusing on the problems of mobility and energy.

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Virtual Soil
21 Feb 2008
"Constant is a non-profit association for art and media, based and active in Brussels since 1997. Constant works in the fields of open source, free software, cyber-feminism, social interaction and participation, copyleft and copyright alternatives, the conditions of cultural work.

Constant develops radio works, electronic music, database projects.Constant functions as a networked laboratory for a group of artists, designers and researchers. We generate reflection on network culture through the creation of art projects, networks, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Networks and links between cultural producers shed new light on the conditions of work, and make analysing the transfer of digital information necessary."

Art + Activism / Open Source / Organizations / Virtual Soil
10 Feb 2008
"In Popular Terms is an interactive visualization, created by The Studio for Urban Projects, that tracks the shifting language of ecology. Drawing from both historical sources and contemporary usage on the internet, In Popular Terms maps the catch phrases, scientific terminologies, and bumper sticker slogans that surround the changing language that we use to describe our relationship to nature."

Organizations / Quotes / Virtual Soil
26 Jan 2008
A day for people to collectively drop serious knowledge into Wikipedia about art: from your favorite notable artwork, artist or exhibition, to our soon-to-be-famous peers. "We'll also add structural links to alumni, schools and categories such as collective art groups, non profit orgs, etc."

Events / Virtual Soil
20 Nov 2007
The greenpepper is a magazine for social justice and environmental issues, a tool for groups working toward social transformation. It is conceived as an essentially participatory project and only exists through numerous collaborations and support.

Art + Activism / Virtual Soil
22 Sep 2007
A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods
Art & Research is new, artist-led internationally peer assessed journal which welcomes submissions from artists, researchers, academics, critics and curators which seek to engage with all areas of research in Fine Art practice and/or pedagogy.

Art + Activism / Free / Social Practice / Virtual Soil
04 Sep 2007
A wonderful project in its early stages. Superfund 365 , A Site-A-Day, is an online data visualization application with an accompanying RSS-feed and email alert system. Each day for a year, starting on September 1, 2007, Superfund365 will visit one toxic site currently active in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the end, the archive will consist of 365 visualizations of some of the worst toxic sites in the U.S., roughly a quarter of the total number on the Superfund's National Priorities List (NPL).

Art + Activism / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
28 Aug 2007
Call for Artists
DISONANCIAS is a platform that liaises and promotes relationships between artists and companies, research centres or public organisations in order to foster innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the importance of developing creative environments.

Calls / Virtual Soil
25 Jul 2007
Delhi, India
Sarai is a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, one of India’s leading research institutes with a commitment to critical and dissenting thought and a focus on critically expanding the horizons of the discourse on development, particularly with reference to South Asia. They are a coalition of researchers and practitioners with a commitment towards developing a model of research-practice that is public and creative, in which multiple voices express and render themselves in a variety of forms.

Education / Organizations / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
04 Jul 2007
Kitchen Budapest, opening in June 2007, is a new media lab for young researchers who are interested in the convergence of mobile communication, online communities and urban space and are passionate about creating experimental projects in cross-disciplinary teams.

Education / Organizations / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
28 Jun 2007
A free, online journal aiming to promote, maintain, improve and advance the education of the public particularly by the encouragement of the Arts including (but not limited to) the arts of drama, dance, music, singing, literature and visual arts.

Free / Magazines / Virtual Soil
04 Jun 2007
Ephemera is an electronic forum for developing and extending discussions of critical perspectives on organization. It is transdisciplinary and encourages contributions from a broad spectrum of academics, researchers, activists, practitioners, employees and other members of organizations.

Art + Activism / Magazines / Social Practice / Virtual Soil
22 May 2007
RAD. EDU is a multiuser weblog system designed to facilitate the communication, collaboration and exchange between participants. A good collections of texts, articles and interviews!

In conjunction:
Exhibition, workshops, discussions in Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, 2008.
Concept developed by Bojana Piškur & Marjetica Potr?
Adviser: Marta Gregor?i?

Education / Virtual Soil
08 May 2007
The European Union Identity Trading Game
"Europoly is a research project starting from a game questioning public and private identity of migrants coming to European countries, analyzing chance and demands coming from European Union laws. The project aim is to enlighten the reflection among the human condition in the European Union, due to the enlargement of borders and many contradictions existing within rules and matters of fact.

It is in the intention of the project to make invisible people among us more visible. Raising questions among the opportunities offered by entering the EU and the struggle to match certain requirements imposed by laws, the project doesn't intend to provide any answer or judgment, rather to remind everyone of us that behind systems of laws there are people living their everyday life."

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Virtual Soil
26 Apr 2007
infed is an open, independent and not-for-profit site put together by a small group of educators with the aim to provide a space for people to explore A-Z theory and practice of informal education and lifelong learning. They encourage educators to develop ways of working and being that foster association, conversation and relationship.

Education / Social Practice / Virtual Soil
15 Apr 2007
A great collection of "Books, Illustrations, Science, History, Visual Materia Obscura and Eclectic Bookart". This is some serious eye candy. Perfect for the starting of the week.

Blogs / Virtual Soil
13 Apr 2007
US, New York
Dr. Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental sciences and microbiology at Columbia University, has developed the idea of “vertical farm” skyscrapers. In his theory he speculates about 30-story towers producing fruit, vegetables, and grains while also generating clean energy and purifying wastewater. Roughly 150 such buildings, Despommier estimates, could feed the entire city of New York for a year.

from New York Magazine

Architecture / Magazines / Sustainability / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
12 Apr 2007
A new electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review each other's work. The articles are written in non-technical language and will be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public.

Free / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
10 Apr 2007
Bypass Compulsory Registration
.. somehow this URL gives a Error 403 message today 04/11/07, but I will leave the info up anyway.

" was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times, YouTube, .. etc)."

Free / Virtual Soil
08 Apr 2007
An older project, but due to be archived.

During a conversation between artist Carsten Höller and Jens Hoffman in Stockholm in 2002, right after the opening of Documenta 11, an idea emerged that was based on a discussion around concepts of some of the previous Documenta exhibitions. Towards the end of the meeting one of Höller’s remarks was: “I think that it would be challenging development if an artist would be invited to curate Documenta.” Based on Höller’s idea and formed by the thoughts expressed during the discussion in Sweden grew The Next Documenta Should Be Curated By an Artist.

Artists / Virtual Soil
04 Apr 2007
US, New York
Hanne Mugaas and Cory Arcangel are concerned with the Internet and its possibilities for archiving and distributing information. Art history uploaded to the Internet is certainly an alternative one...Based on user generated content, the Internet has become a unique channel of distribution where the responsibility of interpretation lies in the hands of the receiver and his/her ability to sort out and analyze the given information. For this event, Mugaas and Arcangel will sort and collect images, video, and audio from the Internet in order to discern where art and art history on the web is situated right now.

DIY / Homebrew / Free / Virtual Soil
01 Apr 2007
"spring_alpha" is a networked game system set in an industrialised council estate whose inhabitants are attempting to create their own autonomous society in contrast to that of the regime in which they live. The game serves as a "sketch pad" for testing out alternative forms of social practice at both the "narrative" level, in terms of the game story, and at a "code" level, as players are able to re-write the code that runs the simulated world. The basic aim of the game is to change the rules by which the society in that world runs. This is done through hacking and altering the code that simulates that world, creating new types of behaviour and social interaction. How effective this becomes depends on the players' ability to spread these new ideas into the society.

Art + Activism / Social Practice / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
07 Mar 2007
As the "greening" business flourishes and people start replacing their non-green products with "green" products, what will happen to the flurry of pre-green consumer waste?

Superuse has some ingenious examples of giving disposed products a second or other life.

DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
07 Mar 2007
Direct Action for People and Planet
"The general principles behind Earth First! are non-hierarchical organisation and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants. EF! is not a cohesive group or campaign, but a convenient banner for people who share similar philosophies to work under."

Sustainability / Virtual Soil
03 Mar 2007
New Climates is an online exhibition of new and existing artworks responding to the relationship between art, global climate change and networked culture. New Climates takes the form of a continuously-updated and extensive video weblog.

14 artists have been selected to create short web-videos responding to the pervasive discourse and images of the climate change crisis.

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
02 Mar 2007
10 Open Education Resources
"The phrase ‘open education resources’ encompasses several different types of resources, including learning content, tools and implementation resources; and iCommons has developed a short list that contains the major Open Education Resources on the internet.

Incubated by Creative Commons, iCommons is an organisation with a broad vision to develop a united global commons front by collaborating with open education, access to knowledge, free software, open access publishing and free culture communities around the world."

Education / Free / Organizations / Virtual Soil
01 Mar 2007
Polar Produce is a multidisciplinary group who create interactive media and live art experiences. Based in Bristol, UK the group's work explores the interface between virtual and real environments with particular emphasis on real-time, site-specific and locative experiences.

Artists / Social Practice / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
26 Feb 2007
From Treehugger...
A cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses about 74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page. Worldwide, about 25 percent of the monitors currently in use are CRT, which means that they waste energy displaying white backgrounds. Read the stats.

Sustainability / Virtual Soil
10 Feb 2007
A Visual Guide to Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go.
“Death and Taxes” is a representational graph of US federal discretionary budget. The poster shows the amount of money that is spent by Congress and aims to generate questions about why US taxes are being used that way.

Education / Virtual Soil
05 Jan 2007
Anywhere is an internet-based system that applies the unique potential of web-based databases to cities. The platform is designed as infrastructure that can support and enable the temporary use of vacant space. A series of forums (Pools) allows all parties interested or involved in temporary use to share relevant information resources.

Architecture / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
03 Jan 2007
Czech Republik
Just got back from ATA (Artists' Television Access), where i saw this amazing film followed by a Q&A round with one of the directors.

"Czech Dream is a documentary about the effects of rampant consumerism on a post-communist society by setting up a consumer hoax. The filmmakers set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist.
For two weeks, the streets of Prague were saturated with advertising for the fake hypermarket. The ads proclaimed: “Don’t Go, Don’t Rush, Don’t Spend” drawing over 4,000 people to turn up on the ‘opening day’. When they arrived at a green field where, instead of a hypermarket, they found just the dream hypermarket’s façade."

Artists / Virtual Soil
28 Dec 2006
A network of couches and houses open to travelers.
When you surf a couch, you are a guest at someone's house. They will provide you with some sort of accommodation, a penthouse apartment or maybe a back yard to pitch your tent in. Stays can be as short as a cup of coffee, one night or a few months. When you offer your couch, you have complete control of who visits.

A "vouching" system signifies an elevated level of trust in the community. I wonder when they will add a roster of "longest surfers"...

Free / Virtual Soil
07 Dec 2006
100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time
"Every hour, 10x10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time. Over the course of days, months, and years, 10x10 leaves a trail of these hourly statements which, stitched together side by side, form a continuous patchwork tapestry of human life.

Each hour is presented as a picture postcard window, composed of 100 different frames, each of which holds the image of a single moment in time. Clicking on a single frame allows us to peer a bit deeper into the story that lies behind the image."

Virtual Soil
03 Dec 2006
The right time to migrate.?
Where would you go.?
As the world around us seems more and more disoriented, I tend to daydream more than ever before about relocating. Not sure of where I would go, my brain keeps swirling around these three resources:

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places is a great book, which still expands thanks to contributing readers. Its extensive descriptions let you envision those places with yourself in it. However, for those who need more visual stimulants, Pruned featured both Strange Maps and Drawings on Geology.

Keep on dreaming.!

Blogs / Virtual Soil
28 Nov 2006
The Mars Greenhouse project is part of the Advanced Life Support system for the mission to Mars. The Mars Dome Project (MDP) is designed to grow plants in an enclosed structure under reduced pressure.

It reminds me of Ken Goldberg's early work: Telegarden

Sustainability / Virtual Soil
13 Nov 2006
Oslo, Norway
Underskog (Underwood) is a blogging community about (sub)cultural events. The idea is simple; people post events, the posts can be read on the front page sorted by the hour. By combining events and place (in this case mainly Oslo) with social software, community members can see which events others would attend. In this way you find the experimental puppet theater or art show that you would otherwise not have found. Underskog has several thousand participants -you cannot join the community, but you can harvest information. Brilliant idea!

Blogs / Organizations / Virtual Soil
07 Nov 2006
NetAction's self-guided training course shows you how to strategically use technology to enhance grassroots organizing and outreach efforts related to political campaigns and public policy issues.

Education / Free / Virtual Soil
31 Oct 2006
"Information wants to be Free", Stewart Brand
San Francisco
This exhibition will combine artworks, experimental film and video, documentary material and artifacts that trace the countercultural discourse that made Brand's assertion possible: from its early manifestations in the postwar bohemian underground to its adoption as a basic principle by a new generation of artists, hackers, and activists.

Please visit the ever amazing resource:
Radical Software online

Art + Activism / Exhibitions / Magazines / Virtual Soil
22 Oct 2006
Migrating architectures.
The project explores the local aspects of China's global significance and increasing influence. It seeks to forecast possibilities which are now detectable only in connection with retail, but which will, in all likelihood, determine the built environment, which transforms under the pressure of ever-cheaper products.

Architecture / Artists / Virtual Soil
22 Oct 2006
What if you would pull Danube to a straight line?
Europe, Various Cities
The Danube Panorama Project is an experimental approach to photographic mapping and cartography. It's goal is to produce a full panorama of the Danube's river sides by digitally slit-scanning its coastlines, resulting in a unique 'cross section' of contemporary Europe.

via Nextlab

Artists / Virtual Soil
27 Sep 2006
A free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

Visit the main MITOPENCOURSEWARE for more.

Education / Free / Virtual Soil
09 Aug 2006
A virtual country without borders that presents an alternative. A place where value can be described by those who need it, rather than those who need to sell it.

"... we do not profess to have all the answers, but we do possess a passion to organise ourselves differently to the current systems of privilege and handicap assumed at birth."

Blogs / Virtual Soil
31 Jul 2006
Quiz time.!
Informal ways to elevate our awareness.
The book 'A Field Guide to Sprawl' by Dolores Hayden Jim Wark (Photographer) is a mix between a series of kooky words and pictures of even crazier things done to the American landscape. From '' you can download the Quiz .

With The Big Here, Kevin Kelly suggests a way to keep track of where we are and what surrounds us.

In 2000, the Union of Concerned Scientist came up with The Great Green Web Game that lets you test your climate, air, water and habitat knowledge.

Last but not least,Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz from the Sustainable Knowledge Network.

Education / Organizations / Virtual Soil
13 Jun 2006
An Amnesty International Campaign Against Censorship
Chat rooms monitored. Blogs deleted. Websites blocked. Search engines restricted. People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information.

**Undermine censorship by publishing irrepressible fragments of censored material on your own site. The more people take part, the more we can defeat unwarranted censorship and create an unstoppable network of protest

Art + Activism / Virtual Soil
13 Jun 2006
The InterRepublic Of Hybridia
Maybe you remember the moment when The District of Leistavia was created for ISEA 2004. While this virtual community has been exhibited at several locations worldwide, a new project called 'Interrogating the invisible' has been created and selected for ISEA 2006 in San Jose. The Leistavian Federal Bureau of Information aims to gather statistics on how it is that people connect to their cultural identity by use of an online survey form. The 'Bureau' is looking for people who identify with either one or two cultures, and is interested to know whether there are any differences between those two groups. The survey will be used as a context for gathering data, and the data will be visualised both as still and moving image.
All information is strictly confidential and your feedback would be welcomed.

Organizations / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
05 May 2006
Food, Food Culture and the Cultures that Grow our Food.
From Food Security issues to artistic fasting projects Culiblog refers to itself as "a culinary weblog by Debra Solomon, an artist and designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Virtual Soil
26 Feb 2006
Architecture Conjecture :Urban Speculation : Landscape Futures
World Seed bank, Largest Diamond Mine, and a Temporary Park are only a few reasons why to visit this blog-- not to mention the beautiful Soil Maps on Feb. 3rd's entry. Go Now!

Architecture / Blogs / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
14 Feb 2006
A new web resource about climate change for artists, writers and activists. Its mission is to provide access to information, images and data by organizing links in a variety of categories, and by archiving links and posts to artworks, projects, exhibitions and publications pertinent to this topic.

Virtual Soil
04 Feb 2006
A digital parody of the corportate ecology of McDonalds!
A refreshing use of the online video game medium! This little gift from the makers of the May Day Net Parade: Molleindustria presents the dirty business of corporate culture!

Art + Activism / Education / Virtual Soil
29 Jan 2006
The Biocultural Geography of Abandonment, Deindustrialization & Transition
US, Various Cities
This project documents the disease of abandonment of the built environment revealing the odd interaction of social and ecological forces that lead people to build, abandon and reclaim buildings and structures.

Architecture / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
07 Jan 2006
Combat Global Warming
US, Santa Fe
Architecture 2030 was established to conduct research, and provide information and innovative solutions in the fields of architecture and planning, in an effort to address global climate change.

Their new website is part of an ongoing effort, initiated by architect Edward Mazria, to provide information and innovative solutions in the fields of architecture and planning, in an effort to address and reverse the destructive trend toward global climate change.

Architecture / Organizations / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
04 Jan 2006
Who gets what from the Common Agricultural Policy
Europe, Various Cities
In its infancy, but a worthy effort nonetheless to quantify farm subsidies in Europe.
"This is a collaborative project bringing together journalists and activists from more than ten European countries. The purpose of the site is to publish data about farm subsidy payments obtained under legislation on public access to information."

Sustainability / Virtual Soil
07 Dec 2005
US, Various Cities
Published by Richard Brautigan in the Spring of 1968, it consisted of eight packets of garden seeds, each printed with a poem, all gathered in a small folder.

Books / Virtual Soil
05 Dec 2005
Urban Parlour Games
In general, The Project for Urban Intimacy is seeking for ways to 'transgress and counter the rationality and efficiency that infect our cities'.
To encourage more intimate forms of interaction, The Project for Urban Intimacy has recreated a set of street games. From the Urban Games website you are able to download materials that will let you take these games "to the streets".

At the moment, PUI has a call for entries for a new project focussed on particpation and interaction among coworkers in office cubicles.

Calls / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
05 Dec 2005
A SF based blog about food, food culture, food as culture and the cultures that grow our food. Lots of yummy links.

Blogs / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
14 Nov 2005
A common ground for sustainable commerce
Reducing our ecological footprint is something that starts at a personal level and will only be effective if we come to a truely green commerce worldwide. Øfootprint acts as a link between millions of people and supports the idea that the small changes we make can lead to large results.

Organizations / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
09 Nov 2005
Thurrock: A Visionary Brief in the Thames Gateway has redefined what is meant by ‘culturally-led regeneration’. It is a major programme of new thinking about Thurrock and the Thames Gateway, bringing an international perspective to local, regional and national policy debates around cultural practice in regeneration.

The programme has set out an innovative process for planning and development in the Thames Gateway. It has demonstrated that if culture is interpreted widely, if regeneration is addressed holistically and if a creative process is embedded in planning and decision-making, then it is possible to create truly sustainable communities.

Public Projects / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
02 Nov 2005
A small website with some nice projects in allotment gardens in Sweden. Their "Network of Gardens" project lacks content , but it a nice effort.
Contribute now: Network of Gardens
This site was created by Lena Ignestam and Christel Lundberg

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
17 Sep 2005
US, Various Cities
By way of Ryan Griffis and Rhizome here is a short presentation of Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative [AUDC].
It is a non-profit organization dedicated to using the tools of architecture to research the role of the individual and the community in the contemporary urban environment.

Architecture / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
11 Sep 2005
Capturing the Moving Mind
Starting today a group of artists have set off to map and moove from Moscow to Bejing on the Transsiberian Express. Online conferences and a live mediastream will follow them on the way. I imagine there will be quite some holes in the coverage as wireless networks and mobile networks must be scarse in Siberia, but quite a ride.

Public Projects / Virtual Soil
03 Sep 2005
Make it yourself
Am I a little magnet to this kind of stuff or why do I run into them constantly. Doesn't really matter, but it seems that more and more websites are focussing on how-to projects.?
Instructables and Make Magazine are my favorite ones, so far.

Articles / Virtual Soil
10 Aug 2005
Free Soil at Garage Festival
For the Garage festival 09 Free Soil conducted a site specific research project investigating the environment of the Baltic Sea.

We created an alternative archive of political and historical events that have occurred in the Baltic Sea region, especially Stralsund and linked these with the sea’s responses. The impact of Industrialisation, population growth and political changes has resulted in climatic and environmental changes recorded in the sea. Nature retaliates by creating new forms, one of the most significant being the spread and growth of toxic Blue Green Algae or “phytoplankton”

Images: wooden sewerage pipe from Stralsund. &
Portrait of William Lindley the designer of the first sewerage system in Stralsund, algae on paper.

Public Projects / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
15 Jul 2005
US, Various Cities
Free Words
FREE WORDS is a book which belongs to whoever finds it. 2500 copies have been distributed worldwide.

Open Source Audio

Free Speech Monument

Free / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
12 Jul 2005
Idea platform by Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
A website extension of Archis dedicated to creating new forms of architectural discourse including articles, news and public forum. There is a high and low bandwidth version. Yay!
high bandwidth (flash)
low bandwidth (html)

Architecture / Articles / Virtual Soil
06 Jul 2005
A space for research, practice and conversation about the contemporary media and urban constellations, based in Delhi India. The research programme also publishes the Sarai Reader, as a book and online ressource.

Architecture / Books / Virtual Soil
01 Jul 2005
Exploratorium's Garden Research
San Francisco
A wonderful online document of art and science of food.
"Plants are expressive, they are not deceptive."-Bob Cannard.
This site documents community garden projects, immune system of kale, compost tea..

Education / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
30 Jun 2005
New York City Open Accessible Space Information System
US, New York
A community-based undertaking, local organizations design and test the first city wide, web-based, open space mapping resource for NYC.

Community Garden locator

Public Projects / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
29 Jun 2005
Free thinkng for the world
An online magazine using todays web technologies to gather and share articles on key issues. By creating a 'democratic' space, with contributors from all over the world, openDemocracy tries to give a more open perspective on a wide range of topics.

Articles / Virtual Soil
29 Jun 2005
Open source cyclists information system in Berlin and Brandenburg
It's simple.! If you have up to date wheather information and detailed maps including altitude, ... you can also have a route-finder that takes wind direction and hills into account. How great is that.!
Test it through this web interface.

Free / Public Projects / Virtual Soil
03 May 2005
Cultural Intervention
US, Various Cities
subRosa is a cyberfeminist cell of artists and activists based in several US cities that “combines art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the effects of the intersections of the new information and biotechnologies on women’s bodies, lives, and work.”

Artists / Exhibitions / Virtual Soil
27 Mar 2005
blog on new media and urban space
Urban theory and electronic media, quite alive blog

Blogs / Virtual Soil
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See slide show:

Last week while I was in Barcleon...


The project intersects with recent public debate in Copenhagen about air pollution in the city. In collaboration with Senior Scientist Jørgen Brandt from The National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark a first prototype is developed for making an indicator that can be placed in the city and display local levels of pollution as well as pollution forecasts on individual streets. The project holds an open source script for displaying data from the Internet in a variety of forms.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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