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14 Jan 2009
Nordic Queer Journal
Trikster is the first Nordic web magazine with a queer perspective on culture and politics. Trikster mixes genres and forms, and presents a variety of academic, activist, artistic, and political voices with a queer perspective. The magazine comes out 3 times a year. The Blog is updated more often. Articles: surprising, insightful and enjoyable to read.

Blogs / Magazines
14 Nov 2008
US, California
"An inventory of urban and suburban sustainable ideas and the people behind them. Disobeying the suburban aesthetic laws for common sense, locavorism, human footprint reduction. Escaping consumerism by saving seeds, making your own honey, compost, houses etc...."

Besides this blog, Susan Husky has also published Eco Heroes, a collection of stories and images from East Bay backyard activism.

Blogs / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
05 Aug 2008
Anywhere is dedicated to exploring ideas and action about the commons—which encompasses natural assets such as oceans and clean air as well as cultural endowments like the Internet, scientific research and the arts.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Virtual Soil
22 May 2008
San Francisco
Forage Oakland::Forage San Francisco is a neighborhood bartering project that works to connect neighbors and neighborhoods by way of exchanging surplus backyard
Don't let your surplus harvest from backyard fruit trees go to waste! Exchange them for other forage-ables.

*Strictly barter, no cash exchanged*

Blogs / Sustainability
27 Apr 2008
An Introduction to Information Design
John Emerson, collector of inspiring notes on design and the public interest, wrote and designed a booklet to introduce advocacy organizations to basic principles and techniques of information design. It’s full of examples of interesting design from groups around the world in a variety of media and forms. It has tips, excercises, and even recommended Free Software packages to help polish up your graphics.

The booklet is Creative Commons licensed and fully downloadable.

Blogs / Books / Free / Open Source
26 Mar 2008
London, UK
"The Arts & Ecology programme is engaged in a series of initiatives alongside the conferences and lectures. This is envisaged as part of the same long-term strategy to be a catalyst:
- Profiling interesting practice
- Initiating and supporting new work
- Making links with artists and organisations across disciplines to promote dialogue"

Their new blog consolidates some of the latest projects and contemporary thinking around the roles and responsibilities of contemporary arts towards ecological concerns.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Organizations
11 Dec 2007
MFK is a gender separatist art and educational space by and for persons who identify as women. It's an ongoing public art project aiming to create a place were art, politics and feminism are brought together, opened and combined. Their blog is in Swedish but you can also see this interview by Jeuno JE Kim.

Art + Activism / Blogs / Education / Organizations
26 Oct 2007
Contemporary art in public space
The project is a series of public debates, artist talks/workshops and exhibition realized by santralistanbul in cooperation with a number of partners. 27 October 2007, 3pm-6pm a debate will take place featuring Rosalyn Deutsche: "The Art of Witness in the Wartime Public Sphere" Gülsün Karamustafa: "Public/Private, where does the border stand?"Gerald Raunig: "The Monster Precariat" & Erden Kosova: "Radical Gestures in Restriction: Spatial Problems of Politically Engaged Art in Istanbul"

Blogs / Events
12 Sep 2007
"UNIDEE in Residence is an international residence program open to students and graduates of various university faculties, to artists and to professionals from any country in the world. It operates in synergy with the other Cittadellarte offices 
and is based on the following declaration by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto: “Art is the most sensitive and comprehensive expression of thought, and the time has come for the artist to assume responsibility for establishing communication between every other human activity, from economics to politics, from science to religion, from education to behaviour, in brief all areas of the social fabric” (Progetto Arte manifesto, 1994 - see the complete pdf version)."

Artists / Blogs / Residencies
09 Aug 2007
History Is A Weapon is a left counter-hegemonic education project and offers a nice collection of texts focussing largely on American resistance history. The list of online readings covers a wide range of great authors and is organized in chapters. The blog serves to highlight updated material and offer sporadic commentary.

Articles / Blogs / Free
18 Jun 2007
US, New York
"Guernica is a magazine of art and politics which launched its first issue on October 25, 2004, about a week before the U.S. presidential election and marking the day Pablo Picasso was born over a century before.

In the Guernica blog, writers react to world events in real time, calling out politicians or fellow writers on hypocrisy, slippage, or downright wrongheaded views. Or they report on local events, books, trends—and frequently zig zag across the political and aesthetic map."

Blogs / Magazines
15 Apr 2007
A great collection of "Books, Illustrations, Science, History, Visual Materia Obscura and Eclectic Bookart". This is some serious eye candy. Perfect for the starting of the week.

Blogs / Virtual Soil
21 Mar 2007
Debunking Olympics Myths
"Games Monitor wants to highlight the local, London and international implications of the Olympic industry. They seek to deconstruct the 'fantastic' hype of Olympic boosterism and the eager complicity of the 'urban elites' in politics, business, the media, sport, academia and local institutional 'community stakeholders'."

Blogs / Organizations
25 Dec 2006
US, New York
Inspired by Slow Food and the Slow Movement in general, this non-profit organization promotes 'slowness' through public lectures, discussions and exhibitions, a dynamic online project observatory and communication portal, academic programs and publishing projects.
Recently added to their set of tools is the 'slowBlog'.

Blogs / Organizations
12 Dec 2006
After the Archis Intervention
Beirut, Lebanon
After the RSVP public debat event in Beirut and expeditions to the south of Lebanon, Archis created this blog as a continuation for dialogue, sharing ideas for reviving the city and a land after (and often still in) conflict:

"After destruction through war or any other inhumane deployment of technology, capital and energy, we are left with sites, minds and societies unbuilt. Leveled to the ground. Making room for denial, doubt and a devided society. Understandable but unacceptable. This condition needs those who dare to envision perspectives beyond the ruins…"

Architecture / Blogs
03 Dec 2006
The right time to migrate.?
Where would you go.?
As the world around us seems more and more disoriented, I tend to daydream more than ever before about relocating. Not sure of where I would go, my brain keeps swirling around these three resources:

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places is a great book, which still expands thanks to contributing readers. Its extensive descriptions let you envision those places with yourself in it. However, for those who need more visual stimulants, Pruned featured both Strange Maps and Drawings on Geology.

Keep on dreaming.!

Blogs / Virtual Soil
20 Nov 2006
Creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff
UK, Leeds
Two sites in one: How can I Recycle this?Recycle this? and Compost this?, as the latter grew out of the first one. Both sites suggesting at least one item a week to recycle or compost. Feel free to propose them items you reuse (or would like to).

Blogs / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
13 Nov 2006
Oslo, Norway
Underskog (Underwood) is a blogging community about (sub)cultural events. The idea is simple; people post events, the posts can be read on the front page sorted by the hour. By combining events and place (in this case mainly Oslo) with social software, community members can see which events others would attend. In this way you find the experimental puppet theater or art show that you would otherwise not have found. Underskog has several thousand participants -you cannot join the community, but you can harvest information. Brilliant idea!

Blogs / Organizations / Virtual Soil
09 Aug 2006
A virtual country without borders that presents an alternative. A place where value can be described by those who need it, rather than those who need to sell it.

"... we do not profess to have all the answers, but we do possess a passion to organise ourselves differently to the current systems of privilege and handicap assumed at birth."

Blogs / Virtual Soil
03 Aug 2006
Very intense blog with most things you would want to know about art and spatial practices.

26 Feb 2006
Architecture Conjecture :Urban Speculation : Landscape Futures
World Seed bank, Largest Diamond Mine, and a Temporary Park are only a few reasons why to visit this blog-- not to mention the beautiful Soil Maps on Feb. 3rd's entry. Go Now!

Architecture / Blogs / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
28 Dec 2005
US, Los Angeles
Civic Matters invites artists, designers, and crafts artists from Finland, Los Angeles and Sweden to meet in Los Angeles for a cultural exchange program. Together with local artists and organizations they will address identified needs or concerns within various communities in Los Angeles and in Scandinavia.

Link to the exhibition page: LACE: Civic Matters

Blogs / Exhibitions / Public Projects
05 Dec 2005
A SF based blog about food, food culture, food as culture and the cultures that grow our food. Lots of yummy links.

Blogs / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
13 Apr 2005
An international student movement for free culture
From their manifesto:
"The mission of the Free Culture movement is to build a bottom-up, participatory structure to society and culture, rather than a top-down, closed, proprietary structure. Through the democratizing power of digital technology and the Internet, we can place the tools of creation and distribution, communication and collaboration, teaching and learning into the hands of the common person ## and with a truly active, connected, informed citizenry, injustice and oppression will slowly but surely vanish from the earth."

Blogs / Free
27 Mar 2005
blog on new media and urban space
Urban theory and electronic media, quite alive blog

Blogs / Virtual Soil
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By Joni Taylor
Part 1

Apocalypse may be the new black, but the Plague, the Cold War and the Millennium Bug combined did not add ...
Joni T


Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project that fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. Information and workshops with students and community groups to create a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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