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01 Nov 2009
In the light of Copenhagen
Belgium, Brussels
"A new United Nations climate conference will be taking place in Copenhagen in early December 2009. Its aim is to come up with a Copenhagen Protocol that will replace that of Kyoto. It would be no exaggeration to say the Copenhagen conference will be of historic significance even before it has taken place. After all, a good and wide-ranging protocol is essential if there is to be any chance of taking vigorous action against climate change. And there’s not much time to lose. The latest data all point to the accelerated warming of the planet.

Just before the UN conference, the Kaaitheater is holding the second Burning Ice encounter. We are once again inviting artists, philosophers, sociologists and politicians to formulate challenges for art in the light of the Copenhagen conference. The basic ingredients of Burning Ice 2 are the play Holland Tsunami by the Dutch theatre company SPACE and the performance Evaporated Landscapes by Mette Ingvartsen. Debates and talks will be held on the topics covered. The full programme will be announced in October."

Art + Activism / Artists / Sustainability
09 Sep 2009
Greece, Athens
"ReMap 2 is an international platform for contemporary art taking place parallel to the 2nd Athens Biennale and takes place in the culturally diverse and dynamic Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio (KM) district of downtown Athens.
ReMap 2 considers and responds to the unique urban energy, cultural particularities and dynamic artistry of the neighborhood by offering a rich web of cultural events and art happenings that aim to introduce KM as an international hub for contemporary art."

Artists / Events
04 Aug 2009
"The Anecdote Archive is a compilation of short video recordings of word-of-mouth as an alternative to traditional documentation of ephemeral art projects and practices. Focusing on performances, situations, personal encounters, actions and other temporary events, the archive aims to register memorable experiences and their echoes."

Artists / Film / Video / Virtual Soil
01 Aug 2009
"Conflict Room is a dynamic, temporary platform for visual arts with an emphasis on different approaches around the nature of "conflict". The initiative is inspired on a video work by the Polish artist Artur Zmijewski : "Them"(2007), in which he sets up a situation where various ideological groups within Polish society are placed in a position where they can criticize, discuss and interact with each other.

CR has arisen from a group of people who responded to that idea by gathering artists and showing weekly exhibitions that raise questions and examine conflict in several ways over a period of 3 months."

Artists / Exhibitions
01 May 2009
US, San Francisco
"Founded in 2006 the Studio for Urban Projects is a research and working group that perceives art as a means of advancing civic engagement and furthering public dialogue. Their interdisciplinary, collaborative, and research-based projects aim to provoke change by reframing our perceptions of the city and physically transforming elements of the built environment.

SUP recently opened a storefront in the San Francisco Mission District. It is best described as a “collective of collectives”, a place where like-minded San Francisco art collaboratives share a space for the staging of talks, film screenings, workshops, discussions, and meals."

Artists / Public Projects / Social Practice
07 Apr 2009
The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA 197
US, New York
The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA 1972 brings together for the first time since 1972 the original documents and multi-media projections featured in the historic MoMA show curated by Emilio Ambasz. The current exhibition focuses on the 1972 Environments section, which has been installed in the MoMA galleries. Each of the Environments, created by a different Italian architecture studio or design group, was accompanied by media projections, audio-visual displays, or interactive events. The historic importance and contemporary relevance of INDL is in part due to how the exhibition encountered and attempted to reconceive the visionary possibilities of design and architecture: domestic in scale, urban in context, and potentially revolutionary in social and political practice."

Artists / Exhibitions
12 Feb 2009
How to save the world in 10 days
Belgium, Ghent
"Global warming, the financial crisis, famine, drought and overpopulation… The end is near, but don’t despair: Vooruit will save the world!

Artists and experts from different disciplines will launch proposals to save the world, put the threat in perspective or blow up the whole thing.
Well-aimed happenings, bold statements, bizarre turns, sophisticated utopias and biodegradable references."

Artists / Events / Exhibitions
27 Jan 2009
The first public experiment in the ATKN research project explores some of the fundamental elements of wireless communication. Technological development made it possible to use changing electrical fields as messenger, first over wires later via electromagnetic waves through the air.

Each day we use our wireless devices to pick up the messages, that travel on these waves, out of the air. The airspace that surrounds us is filled with data. In this experiment two vertical axis windmills use the displacement of air to harvest energy to establish communication. The speed of the windmill and the amount of energy generated defines the quality of the connection between the two locations. Information will be send back and forth if conditions allow it. Air will generate energy which will produce communication and fill the airspace.

Artists / Sustainability
04 Nov 2008
About Spare Time and Slower Worlds
U.S. Washington
'Onthaasting' is a mental diversion through the use of recreation as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily life. It takes place on the outskirts of contemporary life: on mountaintops, in wide-open plains, in churches, in landscapes, in gardens ... but most of all in the mind. The exhibition presents Belgian contemporary video artists within this conceptual framework.

Curated by Niels Van Tomme and Jan Van Woensel.

Artists / Exhibitions
30 Oct 2008
LE GRAND MAGASIN is the title of a store opening in October 2008 in Berlin. The store and exhibition will display and sell products from European cooperatives. It will provide a forum and raise consciousness about products promoting solidarity and alternative types of doing business and manufacturing.
The Project is made by artist Andreas Wegner and will be an exiting exploration and display of workers owned businesses and area that has been little explored in a European context.

Art + Activism / Artists / Social Practice / Sustainability
09 Oct 2008
art in a socially political context
‘Provo’ was a Dutch counterculture movement in the mid-1960's that focused on provoking violent responses from authorities using non-violent bait. Formed in 1965 in Amsterdam mainly younger people ventilated their thoughts through magazines, leaflets and gatherings.

The exhibition shows what artists in Flanders have generated - since the Provo movement - towards some radical social ideas and how they had to defence themselves against the censure of the established elite for safeguarding their artistic freedoms.

From 18th October till 23rd November 2008.

Art + Activism / Artists / Exhibitions / Organizations
18 Sep 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen based pracitioners, Pulsk Ravn and Johan Carlsson
develop new ways of looking at design, architecture and art. They work across these disciplines both as a group and in collaboration with others; this is in order to be able to keep an open-minded professional and innovative standard.

RACA'S studio has created an atmosphere for the unfolding of ideas. The space is used as a live lab where prototypes and thoughts can be developed thereby giving us the possibility of trying out new ideas in direct relation to the user.

Architecture / Artists / Urban/City
15 Jul 2008
July 19th-November 2nd, 2008
Raqs Media Collective's , co-curated portion of the nomadic biennial Manifesta 7, will be presenting an exhibition entitled "The Rest of Now" which addresses historic residues in the present tense. Set in an abandoned aluminum factory in Bolzano, Italy, the show works "to see what can be salvaged from the oblivion to which the residues of Modernism are normally consigned."

Artists / Exhibitions
19 Jun 2008
"An urban epiphyte is a native plant you wear on your person. (urban ep-i-phyte, noun): A biological indicator that lives wholly with the architecture of human bodies as they move through space; as a means to provide a measure of local ecological health and symbiotic cohesion. Participants are given their own epiphyte, an adaptable pouch filled with soil, compost and a native plant, able to adhere to persons or objects. The idea is to attach the epiphyte to your person or belongings as you go about your daily routine. The project is recording the various narratives that occur within the placement of the epiphyte on yourself and in the varied spaces throughout the city."

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
19 Jun 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
A new Parfyme project:
From June to October 2008, The Harbor Laboratory will promote, initiate and evaluate new ideas for the harbor in Copenhagen, as practical, functional and visual explorations. It will act quickly – building and testing our inventions and creations right away.

As they see it:
" ... the harbor has a great potential to be a cultural and inspirational area for the residents of Copenhagen. We will do our best to facilitate and realize this goal using the Harbor Laboratory as a platform/catalyst for innovative change".

Artists / Organizations / Public Projects
17 Jun 2008
Twenty three internationally acclaimed contemporary artists have been commissioned to create new works for the first Folkestone Triennial, Tales of Time and Space, which will run from 14 June – 14 September 2008. The selected artists have responded to the invitation with proposals for artworks that engage with the Kent coastal town’s history, population, culture and built environment to create a cutting-edge contemporary art exhibition. Make sure you check out Mark Dion's Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit.

Artists / Exhibitions / Public Projects
15 May 2008
Biopiracy, external and internal conquest
An exhibition at Kunstraum Lakeside by Ines Doujak dedicated to the neo-colonial practice of “biopiracy.” Doujak traces the routes by which natural resources from “biodiversity” regions in the southern hemisphere are appropriated and marketed by multinational corporations. If new economic Edens are unfolding here for selected enterprises, based on the exploitation of traditional knowledge in these regions, it is not without the complicity of knowledge producers in the West, such as botanical gardens, for example, whose program of investigating and preserving nature is increasingly associated with the practice of genetic modification. Ines Doujak’s installation on one aspect of economy and power under the sign of globalization pursues the question of how the aesthetic and ethical value of the “diversity of life” becomes a factor in the economic value chain, resulting in monopolies that in turn counteract multiplicity by negatively influencing the local communities on whose knowledge they are built.

Artists / Exhibitions / Sustainability
08 May 2008
New Media Symposium and Art Festival
US, Berkeley
June 1, 2008 - June 3, 2008

Three days of new media and art hosted by BAM/PFA and the Berkeley Center for New Media, timed to link with 01SJ: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, a new media art biennial taking place June 4–8 in San Jose. Occurring together for the first time, these two events combine to create one of the nation’s largest gatherings of new media art, a virtual “big bang” of innovation and creativity.

The Berkeley Big Bang program will include a two-day symposium on new media, art, science, and the body in partnership with Berkeley Center for New Media and Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology; a campus media lab demonstration and open house; and an alternate reality game. Berkeley Big Bang is presented in tandem with BAM/PFA exhibitions of work by media artists Trevor Paglen, Jim Campbell, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Scott Snibbe.

Artists / Events / Virtual Soil
22 Apr 2008
Ideas that Inform, Construct and Concern the Production of Exhibitions and Events
US, New York
"This second book by FeedBack Project continues to instigate creative discursive spheres between audience, curators and artists. It focuses on projects that fall under the broad category of participatory art and pays attention to the experiences of those involved in the making and realisation of these projects (artists, curators, participants). FeedBack 4 brings together material important for future research from primary contemporary sources presented by the makers themselves."

Book Launch: Saturday 3 May 2008
5-7 pm at Printed Matter

Articles / Artists / Books
14 Apr 2008
U.S. Florida
The Temporary Travel Office has just released a 44 page report that summarizes their research and initial recommendations for expanding the Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve in Jacksonville, FL.

The report, titled "Contaminating the Preserve," outlines two proposals: the first one is their 2006-7 proposal for an 800 km elevated boardwalk connecting the current Preserve to Guanabacoa, Cuba as well as the more recently proposed extension to the current Preserve that they are currently referring to as the Ash Site Annex, a 43 square mile area of Northwest Jacksonville that contains 7 former incinerator and ash-dump sites.

You can download the report as a 3.4MB PDF file.

Art + Activism / Artists

27 Mar 2008
March 16 - May 25, 2008
nowHere, a space where a spot becomes a place.
15 march - 25 may, 2008

nowHere, is a cabinet which invokes a dialogue on re-appropriation of the private and public domain. Through personal tags and geographies (books, movies, music, websites, drawings, mappings, photocopies, art works, ... ) it reads as a 'certain' historical relation between human, space and technology.

bolwerK considers the constructed in-between space of architect C.Kieckens, within the art space, Z33, not as a sub-art space with a curatorial reading; a cabinet as 'museum' but as a space with a personal narrative and a social meaning embedded in a neighborhood. The active use of the space for living, eating, working, sleeping implies that the cabinet is more a 'room of collection', in a live, real-time situation.

During PLACE@SPACE Marthe Van Dessel will post live from Z33, as a guest contributor on Free Soil, to connect, publish and share her discourse
with the virtual open public resources of the net.

The the conceptualization of the space as 'ongoing', work-in-progress externalizes the precarity of information, issues of copyright, authorship, knowledge production and hierarchical information networks.

Artists / Exhibitions
18 Mar 2008
Belgium, Ghent
"A Prior Magazine publishes two regular issues a year in which the body of work of an artist is discussed at large by means of visual and textual contributions. With an extensive portfolio and texts by various authors from different fields a substantial publication is established – always in close collaboration with the artist – offering simultaneously two additional artists the possibility to set up an artist’s project accompanied by a newly commissioned text.

A Prior Magazine is in fact compiled in a similar way as an exhibition: a multi-sided offer including different viewpoints however with an eye for some degree of affinity. After the monographic and artistic contributions, the last section of A Prior Magazine, VISIONS, consists of a series of textual as well as visual columns comments on contemporary developments and discussions in the fields of art and visual culture."

Articles / Artists / Magazines
04 Mar 2008
US, Los Angeles
"A school with no curriculum, located underneath TELIC Arts Exchange, a non-profit organization that provides a place for multiple publics to engage with contemporary forms of media, art and architecture. For four years the space has been a platform for exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures and discussions. TELIC’s program emphasizes social exchange, interactivity and public participation to produce a critical engagement with new media and culture.

The Public School operates as follows: first, classes are proposed by the public (I want to learn this or I want to teach that); then, people have the opportunity to sign up for the classes (I also want to learn that); finally, when enough people have expressed interest, the school will find a teacher and offer the class to those who signed up."

Artists / Education / Organizations / Social Practice
01 Mar 2008
5 March 2008 – 14 March 2008
Brussels, Belgium
"Artistic work can often be understood as research, even if its methodology is different from that of science. The exhibition "A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher 2.0" is a plea for the recognition of the specificity of artistic research, and for the art academy as a place of free artistic research, beyond the limits of the market, beyond all academic norms – even after ‘Bologna’.

The exhibition shows a selection of works that are the result of artistic research. These works show the artist at work as a researcher, investigating the history of an art institution (Sven Augustijnen), or of cultural practices (Sonia Boyce), collecting and selecting thoughts (Herman Asselberghs), or cultural products (Jacques André), experimenting with sound (Art Jones), or image (Ina Wudtke), representing the artist as a social scientist (Jill Magid), or the philosopher as an artist (Dieter Lesage). In this way, these works comment, circle around or criticise the discourse on ‘research’ that is characteristic of the Bologna Process and interrogate the limits of its applicability for the arts.

"A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher 2.0" will serve as a platform for a symposium on ‘artistic research’ on Friday 14 March 2008, from 14.00-20.00 in Brussels.

Artists / Exhibitions
16 Feb 2008
a call to participate
US, New York
"The activities of the Art Workers' Coalition began when the artist George Takis removed one of his sculptures from the Museum of Modern Art, in 1969. This act drew attention to the conditions for artistic production, within the broader context of feminist, anti-racist and anti-Vietnam War movements, and the critiques of artistic autonomy that were beginning to emerge out of Conceptual Art and Minimalism.

The Art Workers' Coalition presented the director of MOMA with a list of 13 demands, one of them being an open hearing on museum reform. They were refused, so they instead held the meeting at the School of Visual Arts ... "

Kirsten Forkert asked people to select and read aloud one of the documents which they thought had an interesting relationship to the present, perhaps because it struck them as still relevant today.

Art + Activism / Artists
10 Jan 2008
A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher
Belgium / USA
In the fall of 2007, this last ever issue of one of belgians best magazine was published by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp. Luckily, from January 2008 onwards, MuHKA will join the publishing tandem of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, and the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. in producing the journal Afterall.

Articles / Artists / Magazines
28 Dec 2007
U.S. Florida
Once again, Mark Dion deservedly receives a generous grant to realize: Travels of William Bartram – Reconsidered. The award will allow Mark Dion to create a site specific project at Bartram’s Garden, America’s oldest living botanic garden.

Travels of William Bartram – Reconsidered will examine the history and culture of 18th century American naturalists, John (1699-1777) and his son William Bartram (1739-1823). Using their travel journals, drawings, and maps, Dion plans to retrace the exploratory journeys of the Bartrams, in particular, William’s expedition to northern Florida. Dion and his companion “explorers” will travel in the same ways the Bartrams did: by horseback, boat, and on foot.

Artists / Sustainability
11 Dec 2007
US, Chicago
In the midst of creating new syllabi and updating older ones, I have been revisiting the current work of many people. Daniel Tucker is a very profound and prolific artist and activist based in Chicago–Contributor to AREA, the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest and much more...

Art + Activism / Artists / Urban/City
10 Dec 2007
I don't know why we have not pointed to Raketa until now, but they are a wonderful "institute" that runs interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and experiments within art, design, architecture and digital media.

Architecture / Art + Activism / Artists
29 Nov 2007
Europe, Various Cities
A large collection of extended essays, critical articles, interviews and film reviews focussed on contemporary Central and European visual culture. Archived from 1999 up till today.

Articles / Artists / Free

23 Nov 2007
By Katie Hepworth
The aim of all descriptions of cities is to know how to live, to see what is coming and accept it and become part of it or, better, see what could make life better and make those things endure. Imagining cities lets you search for the perfection that would produce happiness, and that is a major goal of the work.
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

We travel the world in search of guidebook images, disappointed when we can’t find the places that we’ve constructed from stories and pictures. The most recent work by Lucy Harrison is situated in this space between the imagined city and the city of lived experience, the places of everyday, situated encounters. The following conversation and has been taken from a series of emails that were exchanged with Lucy Harrison in Sep / Oct 2007, and deals with 4 of these later works: Fantastic Cities, Guided Tour Riga and the Canvey Guides.

For a long time one of my favourite books has been Calvino's Invisible Cities, in which Marco Polo describes places he had (possibly never) been to, and in doing so elaborating on the different and magical facets of a single city, Venice…What appealed to me about Fantastic Cities was that, unlike many of the recent mapping projects that aim to uncover the secrets of a place through personal wandering and touring, your works highlight the subjectivity of all guides.

A number of your earlier works, such as Art School Marginalia, seem to be focused on rearranging and re-contextualisation of existing text. Did you approach the two stories for Fantastic Cities in a similar way, by taking existing stories of conflict, or was the book a trigger to uncover other untold stories of the cities?

I asked the artists for Fantastic Cities to write about a city they had never visited. I envisaged this being in the vein of a travel guide to an existing city, but only using information gleaned from films, fiction and anecdotes. However some people gave me stories, or writing about imaginary places, so there is a mixture in the book.

I have 2 pieces in the book, one on Sarajevo and one on Baghdad, as these were two places that I only knew through news reports about the conflicts there. Other people's ones included Springfield from the Simpsons (Jessica Voorsanger), Chernobyl by the Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm, Bobstown by Bob Matthews, and Sealand (which is actually an oil refinery platform off the English coast) by Alun Rowlands.

My two pieces – and the book itself, really- were inspired by ‘The Question of Bruno’ by Alexander Hemon, in which the main character, who is from Sarajevo like the author, is in New York watching the war in his home town on television. He had left before it had started, and so this huge change had occurred while he was away and yet he only ever saw it mediated through CNN. I had a friend from Sarajevo too, who told me about her family who were returning there, and so that became part of it as well. I’ve always been aware of places that I’ve never been to- Los Angeles for example- but which I almost know the geography of through stories, films etc. I also read a report from the UK Home office which stated that migrants who choose to come to the UK often have unreliable versions of the country in their imaginations, especially those from countries which were former colonies. My pieces in Fantastic Cities were in a way the only versions of those places that I had, as they included as much as I knew, and that is only as reliable as anyone else’s descriptions.

Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head with thinking about subjective guides, and the text being about the author too. I think that most of my work can be said to be re-arranging existing texts, I find that much more interesting than anything I have written myself!

We've already spoken briefly about ‘Touring Riga’ as being an extension of your earlier work with text and representation, but I’m interested to know how you would place your work in regards to the history of walking as an artistic practice?

You mention in your interview for the 13th Tallinn Print Triennial, 2004 that navigating the city using outdated guidebooks could be compared to the Situationists technique of orienting themselves in one city using the maps of another, and yet I think your Tallinn + Riga works are quite different, in that they also play with how images of cities are created and propagated.

It’s difficult for me to say where I would place my work although I’ve always had an interest in how complicated cities are, how many different versions of them there are in people’s minds, (see Fantastic Cities) and a lot of the projects I’ve done are about uncovering some of the forgotten ones - often forgotten intentionally for political reasons. My main interest at the moment is related to Henri Lefebvre and his ideas of ‘lived experience’ that he talks about in The Production of Space. I’m interested in how we imagine that places have some kind of sense of community or memory and how fragile this can really be. In Benjamin’s Arcades Project there are quotes related to a harsh criticism of Haussman’s redevelopment of Paris and how it was destroying all the mini-cities, the different cultures and communities and replacing them with non-descript boulevards - and yet now the tourist’s idea of Paris is of a beautiful romantic city. Is there any way in which the previous places were preserved? I’m just about to start a project which is related to the Olympic redevelopment in East London and the changes that will take place there. In that sense I think that although my work may sometimes seem gentle or poetic perhaps, I hope that there is a critical edge which has a relationship to the way the Situationists re-imagined Paris in particular. I think that I choose to give prominence to what may have otherwise been in the background in order to question what is the generally accepted idea of a place.

The Canvey Islands project seems like the greatest departure from your earlier, more text based work. How did this project develop? Were you approached by the local community / Art U Need with a project, or was it proposed by them? What were the reactions of the community to the project? It seems like the walks have continued independently even now that Art U Need has finished - is this the case?

This project was originally advertised as a public art commission managed by Commissions East, centred around Canvey Heights country park. It was a series of 5 commissions in Essex. The lead artist was Bob & Roberta Smith and he encouraged us to develop projects which engaged local people in a more meaningful way, so what could have been a more object-based commission instead became something more participatory. It was a huge departure, partly because I wasn’t used to working alongside so many other people, having to set deadlines or having local press coverage.

I had a steering group of local people and quickly made contact with lots of other local people, and approached it as a research project - I didn’t have many fixed ideas when I started but I explored the place as much as I could and used this as a process of discovery. Canvey has already changed a great deal over the past few decades, and now it is part of the Thames Gateway so it will in the future have a lot more people moving there. On the one hand I could understand that people were upset that the place had changed so much from how they remembered it as children, on the other hand this seemed to create a distance between them and the newcomers. There was a sense that there were parallel dangers of history being forgotten, but also of nostalgia becoming a negative force. So although walking had been a way of experiencing a place in other projects, here it became a way of getting people together and getting them talking to each other more. The themes each month were a way of trying to get them to question their attitudes to the place.

The community were incredibly positive - I now have a surprising collection of friends down there! My worry has been that they see it as a ‘history’ project, that they only see it as preserving their memories, rather than as an alternative way of speaking about a place, but I think that these kinds of things are unavoidable in this kind of project, and the way I engaged them was by taking an interest in anecdotes they had about things that had happened to them. Some of them don’t quite understand how the project was ‘art’ but that’s just because they’ve had no experience of any other contemporary art. Yes the walking club has continued so far, the project officially finished in March and it’s still going on, although they haven’t become co-operative enough yet, they still need an appointed leader each time, so I have still done some co-ordination of that.

How do you see the audio guides working now?

The most interesting part of the original tours, organised by theme, was the way in which they could become points of conversation between the local residents. That the work itself was about creating community, both in the moment of the tour, and extending on throughout, by identifying common and private places of interest and memory. In comparison, the downloadable audio guides seem to be more of a traditional audio tour, albeit with personal stories interwoven with the history of the place.

I wanted the audio guides to enable people to experience the project independently and to allow an aspect of the project that wasn’t all about groups of people, and so that however much the walking club changed that there would be certain more concrete aspects such as the book and the audio guide. I liked the idea that one of the remnants of the project would be that people would be wandering around with headphones, rather than something more tangible and permanent. I wanted it to sound like a traditional audio guide because some of the information was so incongruous, so that you would be surprised by things like ‘the place where some children found a dead dog’! However the thing that I had to bear in mind was that if people with no knowledge of art were going to actually use it in a practical sense, it had to be usable too. The actor has recorded audio guides for places like Hever Castle in Sussex, so I wanted this odd combination of a very professional voice pointing out these odd, pretty crap points of interest- which had been provided by people who were involved with the project, so in a sense it was still created by them.

Re the guidebook that you produced from this process - how much is borrowed from the original guidebook that the project was based on? Is this how it begins to tie into your earlier projects?

The cover is the main aspect which is borrowed- I re-designed the original replacing the girl on a beach with a woman with binoculars. The original was beautifully- if not entirely professionally!- designed, and was an odd mixture of business advertising and useful contacts, and made Canvey sound like a wonderful seaside destination- it’s difficult to tell how true this was! Yes I suppose that does tie it in more - my book is pretty useless unless you are particularly interested in finding out where particular people remember very particular things, and so it’s an antidote to the kind of false claims that you see in local council publications about places.

Katie Hepworth is an architect, artist and curator. With the aim of exposing the latent conditions in the urban environment, her work consists of subtle interventions that disrupt everyday behaviours. She is currently completing her Masters in International Studies at UTS, looking at how citizenship and belonging affect access and exclusion from urban space.

Articles / Artists
10 Nov 2007
For over thirty-five years Herman Joshua Wallace has been in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Solitary Confinement, or Closed Cell Restriction (CCR) at Angola consists of spending a minimum of 23 hours a day in a six-foot-by-nine-foot cell. Five years ago the activist/artist Jackie Sumell asked Herman a very simple question: "What kind of house does a man who has lived in a 6' x9' box for over thirty years dream of?" The answer to this question has manifested in a remarkable project called THE HOUSE THAT HERMAN BUILT.

Art + Activism / Artists / Books
05 Nov 2007
"Green Dreams aims to shed light on the development of more than 30 years of environmentalism on the basis of artistic contributions. The retrospective view contains the implicit question of how environmentally sound action can be realised in the future in an increasingly globalised world. Artistic production relating to the issue lends itself for such a retrospective, since it does not merely remain as a commentary but in some cases also has a practical influence."

Art + Activism / Artists / Exhibitions
31 Oct 2007
Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present
The exhibition 'Forms of Resistance' reflects on art and life and departs from four historical moments: the French Commune in 1871, the Russian Revolution of 1917, May 1968 and our world after the Berlin Wall came down (1989).

Based on these benchmarks it includes works by Manet, Courbet, Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Malevich, Brigada Ramona Parra, Atelier Populaire, Tucuman Arde, Sherk, Haacke, Johannesson, General Idea, Leonard, Piper, Ressler and Superflex amongst others.

"The exhibition tells the story of art and social change through the lens of resistance and artistic desire. Ambitions for progressive social or political changes in the past 150 years are compared, selecting specific moments at which collaborations between art and activism were at their most pronounced. 

From 22 September 2007 through to 6 January 2008".

Art + Activism / Artists / Exhibitions
31 Oct 2007
US, San Francisco
In relation to BioTechnique, curator Phil Ross is organizing 'Technebiotics' :
"Part science fair, part county fair, this interactive afternoon event will feature multiple live demonstrations and do-it-yourself workshops on a wide range of biological techniques and processes. Artists, scientists and educators will demonstrate how to spool DNA, extract and cultivate stem cells, construct a home distiller or a hyrdoponic garden, hybridize plants, and more. See cutting edge laboratory equipment alongside traditional horticultural methods and enjoy hands-on interaction with each display. Technebiotics promotes the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology in a “DIY” atmosphere, and will bring together expert knowledge and playful experimentation in this afternoon of technical flora and fauna."

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Education / Events / Exhibitions
19 Oct 2007
US, San Francisco
An Unnatural History of Golden Gate Park is an audio tour that strolls through Golden Gate Park exploring the ways in which the park represents changing ideas of nature in the city. The piece is considers the important role that this evolving landscape plays in the social and ecological life of San Francisco. The project is being presented as part of the Open Skies Festival, October 19 - 21, 2007.

Artists / Free / Public Projects
16 Oct 2007
The Netherlands, Dordrecht
"Noordkaap Foundation is an artist-collective network organization that aims to make a critical contribution to urban renewal projects by initiating multidiscipline art-projects in public space and in empty buildings. From their temporarily headquarter, they aim to make the notion of city development and contemporary artistic strategies in public space accessible to a bigger public. The project-space is a platform for research, intervention and exchange and Noordkaap organizes exhibitions, as well as open brainstorm meetings, lectures, videoscreenings and communical activities to get the people actively involved in the restructuring of their own street."

Call for submissions
Noordkaap is open to project-proposals by guest curators, artists, designers and thinkers that test and question the urban landscape by the use of interview, cover stories, poster art, swopactions, performances, research, etc. They kindly invite you to become part of our growing international network by using our projectspace as a platform to test and present your ideas.

Artists / Calls / Organizations / Urban/City
15 Oct 2007
Call for Submissions
NeMe is currently seeking submissions to be included in the project "In Transition Russia 2008" which is an international interdisciplinary exhibition and conference dedicated to making visible and creating dialogue about displacement as a result of war, globalization, and socio-economic, religious, race, gender and class tensions.

The exhibition is a continuation of the project initiated by Helene Black and Sheila Pinkel, "In Transition Cyprus 2006" which took place in Limassol, Cyprus in October 2006. It included the work of 87 artists from 31 countries and incorporated an opening series of lectures during the exhibition geared at creating consciousness and dialogue about global displacement.

"In Transition Russia 2008" is a NeMe project presented by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA) and will take place at the National Centres of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Russian Federation between 16th October and 22nd December 2008.

Deadline for the call is December 20th, 2007.

Artists / Calls / Exhibitions / Organizations
10 Oct 2007
Manchester, UK
"In The World is My Imagination, curated by Andrea Zapp at CUBE, nine artists and collectives are exploring the model and the miniscule as an artistic interface in video, networked and interactive installations, digital sound sculptures, photography, found objects and custom built environments.

For the show, Hilary Jack has been commissioned to make a new installation. The work, entitled Tap, involves harvesting clean drinking water from an existing dripping tap (in the Ladies Toilet) which is be redirected into a reservoir and used to nourish an indoor plant. The plant in turn acts as host, feeding a myriad of miniature self propagated baby plants to which it is umbilically connected. Placed on a nest of domestic tables in the gallery the installation acts as a model and metaphor for domestic mains water systems and their satellite networks - networks currently under threat from various environmental and man made disasters such as flood, drought, sabotage and terrorist attack. The work hints at our fragility once those networks are threatened while highlighting our waste of and dependence on, one of our most precious natural resources - clean water."

Artists / Exhibitions / Sustainability
08 Oct 2007
San Francisco
"A quarterly periodical in the form of an object. Each year, four artists, writers, musicians or filmmakers are invited by the editors ( Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan ) to create an everyday object that somehow incorporates text. This object will be reproduced and hand wrapped in brown paper packaging by the editors and then mailed to the homes of the subscribers with the help of the United States Postal Service."

Artists / Magazines
07 Oct 2007
A symposium on art and public space
"More than twenty leading international artists, curators and scholars will present a variety of projects ranging from the Snow Show in Lapland to the Echigo Tsumari Triennial in Japan, from the make-over of Barcelona to the complexity of commissioning art in public space in New York City and addressing actual concerns and strategies."

Artists / Events
04 Oct 2007
Water and war are two topics being assessed together with increasing frequency. Articles in the academic literature and popular press, point to water not only as a cause of historic armed conflict, but as the resource which will bring combatants to the battlefield in the 21st century.Walid Maw'ed addresses, in his current and future project, water issues as a local and global problem which exist not only in the Middle East, but in the rest of the world. 'Waiting for water' started by focusing on the water conflict that exists between Israel and Palestine, through the example of the river in Biella (Italy).

Artists / Public Projects
18 Sep 2007
US, Los Angeles
"Everyday we confront spaces that don't work – from our neighborhoods and parks, to our prisons, pipelines and borders. In this exhibition and programming series, artists, scholars and activists reveal how these spaces function – and dysfunction – making way for thought and action to create just societies and spaces. Just Space(s) aims not merely to show what is unjust about our world, but to inspire visitors to consider what the active production of just space(s) might look like. The exhibition presents some of the most compelling and effective contemporary artistic and activist work linking critical theory and ethical and creative practice."

September 26 – November 18, 2007
LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

Artists / Exhibitions
12 Sep 2007
"UNIDEE in Residence is an international residence program open to students and graduates of various university faculties, to artists and to professionals from any country in the world. It operates in synergy with the other Cittadellarte offices 
and is based on the following declaration by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto: “Art is the most sensitive and comprehensive expression of thought, and the time has come for the artist to assume responsibility for establishing communication between every other human activity, from economics to politics, from science to religion, from education to behaviour, in brief all areas of the social fabric” (Progetto Arte manifesto, 1994 - see the complete pdf version)."

Artists / Blogs / Residencies
01 Sep 2007
US, Minnesota
Open invitation for the Fifth Art Shanty Projects:
"Seeking people interested in participating in the design and construction of ice fishing shanty-like structures, producing projects, art, events and shows on frozen Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN during January and February 2008.

Art Shanty Projects is a five week exhibition of science, art, knitting, karaoke, games, performances, mail, pinhole cameras, cacti and art cars. The Art Shanty Projects are part gallery, part residency and part social experiment, inspired by the tradition of ice fishing and ice fishing houses used in the Minnesota winter."

Artists / Calls / Exhibitions
23 Aug 2007
US, Alabama
"Cultural researchers Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas, aka marksearch, recently completed a month-long adventure in the Black Belt region of the rural South.  Through an unconventional form of ecotourism, marksearch endeavored to explore the local history, current concerns, and sense of community of the residents of one small city:  York (population:  3,000).  As the CAlabama Peddlers, marksearch, on tandem bike, covered over two hundred miles in Sumter County, Alabama.  GPS routes, video, images and text of this amazing journey can all be found on their site.

marksearch is an independent artistic cultural research team that has collaborated on community-based art projects since 2000. Their mission is to create interactive projects that invite people to reflect upon their local communities, consider healthy alternatives to driving, and increase awareness of the natural environment within the urban fabric."

Artists / Social Practice
23 Aug 2007
" MOVE FOR LIFE is an art-action which takes place in public; its fields of action are streets, squares and factory halls. MOVE FOR LIFE leaves the sites originally reserved for art, such as museums, galleries and art halls and is present where people live and work. MOVE FOR LIFE actuates – on trucks, transporters, on  the European road network.

Famous international artists design these “Monumental Statements” against poverty, violence, Aids, racism and environmental destruction. Trucks designed by Robert Rauschenberg, Jochen Gertz and Studio Van Lieshout are already on the road."

Artists / Public Projects
07 Aug 2007
The Street training manual is the latest in a series of manuals and publications by Lottie Child that can all be downloaded from her website. She works with collective and direct action, play and the politics of public space. She also devises urban explorations in order to collectively produce guides for active engagement with urban places. She invites specific people to share their expertise and subjective responses to the notions of freedom of movement and anti social behaviour in increasingly sanitized and controlled urban places.

Artists / Free / Public Projects
25 Jul 2007
Last night I watched a documentary on 'Mass Moving', ... "an artistic movement born in the wake of may 68. Composed of artists and engineers, the group is defined by its ephemeral projects and actions. When the Mass Movers realize that their ideal is not the same, they shut down with a spectactular auto-da-fé. Through Mass Moving, we see not only the story of an era, but also the beginnings of the ecological and alternative energy movements. An artistic movement that is as topical today as it ever was."

Art + Activism / Artists / Public Projects
07 Jul 2007
US, Los Angeles
Monte Vista is a new artist run space in Highland Park that will host art exhibitions, conversations, events and performances. There is no "manifesto" as this space will be self-determining, but their general aims are to bring a platform for art and conversation to Los Angeles that sidesteps the influence of the commercial market. "We wish to facilitate the contribution of works of art that come from non-traditional sources, and support artworks that contribute to non-traditional dialogues."

Artists / Organizations
15 Jun 2007
"Filip Berte's project EUtopia? is both a research and creative project that wants to focus on the actual European context of living. It deals with stories, collected from all over Europe, and will materialize them in the construction of a house in the European District in Brussels. An old building-site-car functions as a mobile compartment of the house and will both serve as a Mobile Embassy and the EUtopia? archive.

It is the project’s aim to gather all the present and future EU-member states under one roof, shaping them in rooms, corridors, landscapes on scale, etc… This will be a work in progress (construction/deconstruction), that can be followed-up by the public at least for two years."

Architecture / Art + Activism / Artists
09 Jun 2007
Belgium / USA
"The Potential Estate (2006-2009) is a collaborative research project and involves various artists who have been developing collaborative works with experimental and critical approaches on the issue of residence.

Potential Estate mixes artistic research and practice. Participants elaborate open proposals in the public space or for various institutions. Institutions are invited to collaborate and implement the project on location.

After an exploratory mission in the U.S., Belgium, a small suburban entity situated in Wisconsin – founded by their Belgian and Luxemburg ancestors, has been identified as a potential terrain for a residential-annex-exhibition-project."

Artists / Exhibitions / Residencies

05 Jun 2007
Part 2
Here are the ten art projects that deal with the subject of Climate Change, including us.

1 Halliburton SurvivaBall

‘The SurvivaBall is designed to protect the corporate manager no matter what Mother Nature throws his or her way,’ said Fred Wolf, a Halliburton representative at the Catastrophic Loss conference held in Florida. ‘This technology is the only rational response to abrupt climate change’. It will include a sophisticated communications systems, nutrient gathering capacities, onboard medical facilities and a daunting defense infrastructure. The only problem is, the SurvivaBall was a fake, and so was the Halliburton representative. The Yes Men are pranksters/performers who assume other identities - ‘identity corrections’ - to make fun of and bring attention to the serious issues of corporate accountability and global greed. They are invited to events and TV shows through their various websites and present ridiculous and unbelievable corporate strategies. No one seemed to doubt their appearance in Florida, and fellow representatives even asked about the SurvivaBalls anti-terrorism capabilities. Other stunts have included the fake GWBush site and apologising on behalf of Bophal for their chemical spill disaster of 1984.

2. Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell was conceived by artist/filmmaker David Buckland and during the past five years he and a varying team of artists, writers, choreographers, filmmakers, environmentalists and scientists have worked on a 100-year old Dutch schooner called The Noorderlicht. Located in a fjord near Longyerben, Svalbard, just north of the 79th parallel, they respond to the environment and reflect the earths change where its most sensitive, the arctic circle. They draw attention to the role ocean currents play and the effect that rising CO2 levels and changing weather patterns will have. The team have already developed a major exhibitions programme, a book Burning Ice - Art & Climate Change and the DVD Art From A Changing Arctic. On his last mission, Buckland invited novelist Ian McEwan, playwright Caryl Churchill, artist Antony Gormley and choreographer Siobhan Davies. Turner prize winner Gormley worked in conditions of -32 degrees to complete an ice sculpture that lasted only three months.

3. Hehe: Nuage Vert and Pollstream

Across a number of projects, the French collective Hehe create a sense of constant rather than delayed feedback. Pollstream is an intervention in environmental ethics. It creates a series of interactive environments in which the audience are in a process of monitoring localised pollution at the very same time that they produce it. The audience is required to conceptualize themselves as responsible - collectively and individually - for their emissions. Using visual, kinetic and sonic technologies, it undermines these typical defences of disengagement by speeding up the normal time it takes for our actions in and on the environment to have consequences. Another project, Nuage Vert, uses lasers and a camera tracking system to project colour coded information onto a waste burning plant/power plant within a local area that is visible to all residents.

4. Translator II: Grower by Sabrina Raaf

Humans also produce carbon dioxide. Sabrina Raaf is a Chicago-based artist working in experimental sculptural media and photography. Translator II: Grower is a small rover vehicle which moves around the gallery drawing vertical lines up and down on the wall with a green crayon. The height of each line is determined by the level of carbon dioxide present in the room, which the robot reads via a small digital sensor mounted on its shell. The carbon dioxide, of course, is generated by gallery visitors, This piece makes visible how art institutions depend on their visitors to make them 'healthy' spaces for new art to evolve and flourish within. Watching the artistic output of a machine that is so sensitive to its environment makes people in the space more sensitive to their environment and its conditions.

5. Canary Project

By photographing landscapes throughout the world that are currently undergoing dramatic transformation or are vulnerable to predicted changes, Canary Project conveys the urgent reality of global warming. Their team of scientists, writers and artists aim to present these images in ways that speak to diverse audiences and foster positive action. Project co-founder Susannah Sayler will be photographing 16 landscapes selected in consultation with leading climate-change scientists and journalists, showing that global warming is already affecting the world in a variety of ways and affecting every place on earth. In the second phase of the project, they will photograph solutions to the problem, such as sources of alternative energy, preparations for already predicted changes and various green products. Sayler has travelled to ‘hot spots’ and her haunting images include glaciers in Austria and bleached and dead coral in Belize. So far the images have been shown on buses in Denver with the words ‘This is what Global Warming looks like’ and online publications such as Polar Inertia.

6. Precipice Alliance and Mary Ellen Carroll

The Precipice Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness about global warming through the visual arts. They believe visibility is the key to positive action and that artists can give form to the intangible and deliver a powerful message. They commission projects that specifically address climate change in order to direct public attention to the urgency of the issue. Large-scale contemporary art will be executed in public venues. The first commission is by New York-based conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll. It consists of a 900-foot-long window display in the buildings of the former American Can factory, comprised of eight-foot-tall neon letters proclaiming, ‘IT IS GREEN THINKS NATURE EVEN IN THE DARK’. It is ‘indestructible language’, focusing on the fluid, open-ended nature of words. The organization hastens to note that the art piece is ‘carbon neutral’, employing low-wattage transformers and lead-free glass tubing, as well as using solar panels to offset the energy consumed.

7. Free Soil

Free Soil is an international collaboration of artists, activists, researchers and gardeners who take a participatory role in the transformation of the environment. Members have developed art projects about greening cities (The Hot Summer of Urban Farming, Copenhagen); the pollution of the Baltic Sea and resulting ‘Red Tides’ of toxic algae (Selective Memory, Starlsund) and F.R.U.I.T, a travelling installation examining how the city is connected to the surrounding agricultural areas. For ISEA 2006 in San Jose, Free Soil conducted a bio diesel bus tour of Silicon Valley, pointing out the environmental consequences of the Hi-Tech industry, and offering alternatives, such as mycoremediation - cleaning soil by using mushrooms. They also foster discourse and give support for critical art practices that reflect and change the urban and natural environment via features and projects on their website. Free Soil believe art can be a catalyst for social awareness and positive change. F.R.U.I.T is currently touring as part of Beyond Green: Towards a Sustainable Art.

8. Andrea Polli

Andrea Polli is a digital media artist living in New York City. She is interested in global systems, the real time interconnectivity of these systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. She currently works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop systems for understanding storm and climate information through sound (a process called sonification). Her Queensbridge Wind Power Project presents a vision of a future when meeting energy needs can enhance the beauty of a city by investigating how clean, renewable wind power could be integrated into the landmark architecture of the Queensboro Bridge.

9. Platform

For over 20 years the London based Platform has been engaging in making transparent that which corporations and companies wish to remain hidden. 90% Crude is a sustained investigation into the power and impact of transnational corporate trade and business. Other projects include a research campaign and cultural intervention project on Shell and BP oil companies (Gog and Magog); a series of experimental interventionist walks in the London's financial district (Freedom in The City) and Desktop Killers which links corporations to genocide. In Unravelling The Carbon Web, Platform works to reduce the environmental and social impacts of oil corporations, and And While London Burns is a downloadable audio tour of London - a soundtrack for the era of climate change - in their words ‘a requiem for a Warming World’ . Their latest initiative is Remember Saro-Wiwa and will be Britain's first Mobile memorial. It is in honour of Ken Saro-Wiwa, and his colleagues who were executed after anti oil campaigns in the Niger Delta.

10. Natalie Jeremijenko

Jeremijenko is an inventor and engineer whose work focuses on the design and analysis of tangible digital media. She bridges the technical and the art worlds and her mission is to reclaim technology and apply it to the messy complexities of the real world, often with disquieting results. Her project, One Tree, features the planting of 2,000 walnut trees in sensor-equipped planters around San Francisco. The condition of the growing trees will reflect the region's surprising discrepancies in climatic, environmental and socio-economic conditions. Another project Bit Cab inserts geospecific data directly onto New York City taxi display units. Her much acclaimed Feral Robot Sniffer Dogs were hobbyist kits made to modify commercially available toy dogs to potentially detect toxic substances in the air.
Fade to Black is a network of webcams oriented skyward. The images on the webcam fades to black as pollutant film accumulates on the lens. It provides visual and empirical information on air quality.

Commissioned by DAMn Magazine

Photos thanks to the Canary Project

Artists / Sustainability
25 May 2007
When the countryside becomes urban
"Firefly was set up in 1999 with the aim of integrating art into every part of daily life. Its base is in Brussels and it moves nomadically around the city and its outskirts. Its main concern is an emphatically social rooting. Firefly is intended, in its creative work, to enter into communication and dialogue with the street.

To achieve this they work on a series of Creative Platforms in combination with selected sites that they discover, analyse and artistically assimilate. These sites are in most cases non-places, places that belong to everyone and no one, places with scars, places where the collective subconscious is very much alive.

N6: The Stone Road is build up around the dream to make an inventory of all Belgian trunk roads, to interpret Belgium through its trunk roads as a single huge city. The study of the Chaussée de Mons is a first step towards realising this dream, an almost random line, running almost north-south from the centre of the country."

Art + Activism / Artists / Organizations
21 May 2007
"The Festival of Regions presents exclusively projects produced especially for the festival and orients itself internationally toward a contemporary concept of culture which comprises art, social research and social practices as well as links with everyday culture and interdisciplinary co-operation.

The 2007 Festival of Regions is being presented as an oversized exhibition in the public space of the focal region situated along the Pyhrn expressway in Austria. From Schlierbach Monastery to the Main Square in Windischgarsten, projects are to be found in vacated shopping centres, service stations and parking areas as well as on fields, lakes and mountain faces.

Artists / Events / Exhibitions
18 May 2007
Katie Holten's new book. It includes texts by JG Ballard, Lia Gangitano, AM Homes, Elizabeth Kolbert, James Howard Kunstler, Rebecca Solnit, Fritz Haeg and others.

"Interested in our fragile ecology from an international perspective--while also considering local concerns--Holten's work is a relative, aesthetic proposition for community-friendly solutions. She renders nature essential, and in the process asks individuals and communities to ponder their natural environment, and to consider human fragility in an uncertain future. Holten collaborates with communities around the globe to raise awareness of environmental issues through a visual consideration of nature. Her exhibitions heighten a sense of urgency and action through beautifully rendered work that expresses the fragile ecology of local environments."

Artists / Books
02 May 2007
'Parking Public' is a research initiative documenting specific histories of parking lot development as it relates to the more general ideology of utopian capitalism.

The Temporary Travel Office just made their 'Video Tour Into the Storage of Utopia' available for viewing on

Artists / Organizations
02 May 2007
US, San Francisco
The Collective Foundation is pleased to announce their second Collective Grant for $500.
This YBCA Grant is open to anyone and will be juried by the security guards of the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco. Deadline is May 30th, 2007.

Artists / Calls / Organizations
28 Apr 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stewart Home reports in an article in Mute magazine from the seminar "Expect anything fear nothing" recently held in Copenhagen. This and the description of the riots and situation around the now demolished Youth House makes it a necessary read. Plus the seminar site have some good resources to situationist material.

Art + Activism / Artists / Urban/City
23 Apr 2007
Library of Water
Artangel’s first international commission transforms a 1950s library in the town of Stykkishólmur on the south west coast of Iceland. Incorporating columns of glacial waters, weather reports and rubber words into a building overlooking the ocean, US artist and Iceland resident Roni Horn’s long-term project is as a kind of lighthouse which illuminates, magnifies and reflects....

Artists / Exhibitions
21 Apr 2007
"Shrinking Cities, a three-year initiative project of Germany's Federal Cultural Foundation, seeks to expand Germany's city-planning debate - until now concentrated on questions of demolishing surplus apartments and improving residential quarters - to address new questions and perspectives.
The project also places developments in eastern Germany in an international context, involving various artistic, design, and research disciplines in the search for strategies for action."

Architecture / Artists / Exhibitions
20 Apr 2007
US, San Francisco
The luggage store welcomes the chlorophyllic art of Hamburg Entwurf-direkt artists Per Schumann and Malte Zacharias. Marking their first US exhibition, they created an immersive environment in which taste and smell, sight and speech, hearing and touch are engaged through a cross pollination of disparate art practices.
Curated by: Chris Fitzpatrick, Sham Saenz and Zefrey Throwell

Artists / Exhibitions
20 Apr 2007
US, Oakland
An exhibition with Ego Park opening on May 12, 2007 at the new Johansson Projects gallery. Artists include Jim Campbell, Andrew Benson, Scott Oliver and Mark Brest van Kempen, among others.

Artists / Exhibitions
19 Apr 2007
A Benefit for Friends of the Urban Forest
US, San Francisco
More than 100 Bay area artists and Friends of the Urban Forest invite you to join us at Arcadia: Artists Celebrate Trees, an exhibition and auction to be held April 23, 2007 at California Modern Gallery in San Francisco.

Arcadia is an invitational biennial event conceived by artists in 2002 as a way to make a significant contribution to San Francisco's urban ecosystem. Artists have welcomed the opportunity to transform their art into trees and enhance our city one artwork and one tree at a time.

Art + Activism / Artists / Exhibitions / Organizations
11 Apr 2007
Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic
"Love Difference is a network of institutions, organisations and individual people who are committed to providing society with a new model of cultural integration through art and creativity. It was established in Biella in Spring 2002 in the Politics Office of the Cittadellarte–Fondazione Pistoletto. The aim is to bring together, around the regions facing onto the Mediterranean Sea, people and institutions interested in creating new prospects that reach beyond the tragic conflict between different cultures."

Art + Activism / Artists / Organizations / Social Practice
10 Apr 2007
"The modern artist is one that gathers the term of his art between trash and rubbish. From amongst the waste of the opulent capitalist society, there in the trash objects lose their identity, their function and origin. They take the attributes that the new proprietor gives and approximates them by giving trash a new sense of a strange analogy. A small change of surprising expression."

08 Apr 2007
An older project, but due to be archived.

During a conversation between artist Carsten Höller and Jens Hoffman in Stockholm in 2002, right after the opening of Documenta 11, an idea emerged that was based on a discussion around concepts of some of the previous Documenta exhibitions. Towards the end of the meeting one of Höller’s remarks was: “I think that it would be challenging development if an artist would be invited to curate Documenta.” Based on Höller’s idea and formed by the thoughts expressed during the discussion in Sweden grew The Next Documenta Should Be Curated By an Artist.

Artists / Virtual Soil
30 Mar 2007
"The Institute for Infinitely Small Things is a research organization whose mission is to invent and distribute new practices of political engagement in everyday life. While the macropolitical realm of issues, parties and policy is important, it begins with asking social and political questions about tiny things, such as, “What can you do for free in Harvard Square?” and, “What happens when you do what an advertisement tells you?” The Institute’s methodology is to complexify small things rather than simplifying large ones."

Art + Activism / Artists / Events / Organizations
29 Mar 2007
US, New York
"The Rising Tide facilitates a creative outlet to students, artists, and residents of the city to explore visually issues and concepts related to climate change. Through this action, perhaps a less abstract understanding of climate change will be achieved and provide a continued dialogue about complex issues of climate change in a relevant context. "

Organizer Sea Of People is also looking for 5,000 participants, and no less than 200 volunteers. dressed in blue, to redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise scenario. The project is part of Step It Up 2007, a nationwide campaign that aims to deliver a clear and powerful message to the US congressional leadership: Cut global warming pollution by 80% by 2050!

Art + Activism / Artists / Calls / Events / Organizations / Public Projects
27 Mar 2007
Miklós Erhardt and Dominic Hislop's project group 'Big Hope' is based on a mutual interest in discussing strategies of engaging with social issues and communicating with a broader public in art. Together they have worked on a number of internationally exhibited, collaborative photographic, video and mapping projects - often involving certain marginalised social groups, as both project participants and audience.

Art + Activism / Artists / Social Practice
13 Mar 2007
"Trans Artists is an independent foundation that informs artists of any discipline about international artist-in-residence programs and other opportunities for artists to stay and work elsewhere 'for art's sake'.

The information of Trans Artists is also intended for organizations that are involved in offering international residency opportunities or are interested to become involved: residential art centres, providers of guest studios, art initiatives, cultural institutions and governmental organisations."

Artists / Calls / Organizations
11 Mar 2007
"The Musicians' Alliance for Peace (MAP) is dedicated to promoting and celebrating peace with music. Since 2004, MAP has called on people around the world to join together to affect change and help those in need.

Anyone who loves music can participate in the Music for Peace Project between March 30 and April 1. Past performances have ranged from intimate gatherings of friends who perform for each other in their homes to symphony orchestra performances in major concert halls. All you need is the desire to bring people together with music and you can make things happen."

Artists / Calls / DIY / Homebrew / Events / Organizations
05 Mar 2007
Mini Film-Series dedicated to food and food security
Canada, Ottawa
On March 1 (sorry, too late), 8 and 15 USC Canada, Just Food, the Good Food Box, and World inter-action Mondiale (WIAM) are bringing Reel Food, a program screening Media That Matters: Good Food, a collection of short films on food and sustainability.

Artists / Events / Organizations / Sustainability
01 Mar 2007
Polar Produce is a multidisciplinary group who create interactive media and live art experiences. Based in Bristol, UK the group's work explores the interface between virtual and real environments with particular emphasis on real-time, site-specific and locative experiences.

Artists / Social Practice / Urban/City / Virtual Soil
26 Feb 2007
U.S. Boston
Wendy Jacobs, "Line, North Adams, 2006" and "Taxi, 2003" offer spacial and relational goodness.
-Happy Monday!

Artists / Public Projects / Urban/City
23 Feb 2007
Yesterday, the monthly kino21 series started off at ATA with a new English version of Society of the Spectacle (France, 1973), Guy Debord's fourth film. It uses a soundtrack of excerpts from his most reknowned Situationist text "La societé du spectacle " and a collage of documentary, still image and detourned movie clips.

Ken Knabb's translation - among many other texts and pamflets by the Situationist, Karl Marx, Bertolt Brecht, ...etc - can be found on the amazing Bureau of Public Secrets website.

Art + Activism / Artists / Free
21 Feb 2007
Call for proposals
US, San Francisco
The Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art (COCA) in partnership with Neighborhood Parks Council is seeking ambitious proposals for temporary site-specific projects of all media for their festival in October, 2007. The Call is fee-free and open to US-based artists.

"Open Skies is a Contemporary Arts Festival that celebrates the spirit of wonder, renewal and creative social action through artist-driven public projects that activate public space and community resources."

More details at 'parkopolis'.

Artists / Calls / Events / Organizations / Public Projects
21 Feb 2007
Art as Life
Just before his death in April 2006 Allan Kaprow assisted on working on this touring exhibition about his collected work, writings, performances and more. Being central to the performance tradition and as well to many relational practices of today, the show is of both historical and contemporary interest.
His book: "Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life" is a central document on thinking about everyday life and many other topics.

Shows in Van Abbemuseum (NL), Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Review from Artforum

Artists / Exhibitions / Social Practice
19 Feb 2007
US, New York
Frome the founders of Booklyn...
Part endurance/body art, part earthwork/landscape art, part ecological meditation and part Butoh dance – the Vegetable Mind performance involves carefully excavating holes in the earth and then planting people in those holes so that it appears as if the people grew out of the ground. A team of gardeners tends the planted people. Landscape composition, physical placement, drainage of waste, protection from the elements, harvesting and restoration of the sites are all carefully designed into each site-specific performance/installation.

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability
18 Feb 2007
Green Gold
A few banana links
Glasgow based artist, Jan Nimmo, has been gathering images and testimonies to make a series of portraits of banana workers since 2000. She recently completed her second documentary film, Pura Vida?, which exposes the devastating effects that agrochemicals used on Costa Rica's pineapple and banana plantations have on workers, communities and the environment.

For her projects, Nimmo has been collaborating with Banana Link, a small and dynamic not-for-profit co-operative, founded in 1996 that campaigns for a fair and sustainable banana trade. Their website is a great resource for the many social and environmental issues that affect the international banana trade.

A bit older, but still ripe:
In 2005, the second International Banana Conference took place in Brussels. One of the outcomes was the Organizer's Declaration, calling for the establishment of a permanent multi-stakeholder banana forum, some form of regulation to limit the impacts of supermarket “buyer power” and for the enforcement in practice of labour legislation, health, safety and environment measures.

Art + Activism / Artists / Events / Organizations
06 Feb 2007
ATSA is an organism founded in 1997 by artists Pierre Allard and Annie Roy to create urban interventions: installations, performances and realistic stagings bearing witness to the various social and environmental aberrations which preoccupy the two artists. Their works investigate and transform the urban landscape and restore the citizen’s place in the public realm, depicting it as a political space open to discussion and societal debates. ATSA promotes an open, active and responsible vision of artists as citizens contributing to the sustainable development of their society.

Art + Activism / Artists / Social Practice
18 Jan 2007
The website is only available in Flemish, but "Ruimte te gebruiken", using clear real estate imagery, sort of translates into "Space for you to use". With this project, Marthe Van Dessel facilitates 1000 square meters at Art Centre Z33 totally free for a weekend. Organizations and individuals can apply for a 'piece of property' that includes all logistics like a film theater, a stage, audiovisual equipment, a complete museum staff and of course .. a deep fryer.

Artists / Events / Free / Public Projects
16 Jan 2007
Sky-catcher gives access to an online archive of photographs of the sky above Amsterdam. The photographs are taken with a camera positioned on the roof of "De Balie" in the center of Amsterdam facing East. Since July 2005, the camera captures images every 5 minutes.

03 Jan 2007
Czech Republik
Just got back from ATA (Artists' Television Access), where i saw this amazing film followed by a Q&A round with one of the directors.

"Czech Dream is a documentary about the effects of rampant consumerism on a post-communist society by setting up a consumer hoax. The filmmakers set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist.
For two weeks, the streets of Prague were saturated with advertising for the fake hypermarket. The ads proclaimed: “Don’t Go, Don’t Rush, Don’t Spend” drawing over 4,000 people to turn up on the ‘opening day’. When they arrived at a green field where, instead of a hypermarket, they found just the dream hypermarket’s façade."

Artists / Virtual Soil
24 Dec 2006
US, Berkeley
"This soil and the airspace extending above it shall not be a part of any nation and shall not be subject to any entity's jurisdiction."

This project was winner of a national public art competition to commemorate the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley. It uses the political process to create a space free from any outside jurisdiction. A six inch column of land and airspace are legally redefined as not being a part of any nation, state or city therefore no laws are applicable within the small space. A granite ring surrounds the land and bears the inscription above.

Art + Activism / Artists / Free / Public Projects
22 Dec 2006
Combining Art + Technology to Promote Sustainability by Tiffany Holmes
Eco-visualization technology made by media artists offers a new way to dynamically visualize invisible environmental data. Eco-visualization can take many forms. My own practice of eco-visualization involves animating information typically concealed in building monitoring systems, such as kilowatts or gallons of water used. A public display with real time visual feedback promotes awareness of resource consumption and offers a practical alternative to remote meters concealed in utility closets. The long-term goal of most eco-visualization practitioners is to encourage good environmental stewardship using hybrid practices of art and design. This essay contextualizes the emerging field of eco-visualization and its interdisciplinary trajectories.

Artists / Sustainability
21 Dec 2006
Call for Submissions
US, Champaign
"For Collected, OPENSOURCE Art is soliciting projects, performances, films, installations, and documentation about collections, as well as collections themselves. Submissions could
be (but are not limited to) collections of objects, critically aware collections, and commentaries on collections. We encourage submissions to consider issues of display and presentation, as well as the objects themselves."
Open to submissions from artists working in new or traditional practices, as well as from collectors not working within the arts (these could be scientists, anthropologists, antiquers, anyone).

Artists / Calls / Organizations
19 Dec 2006
Brazilian artist and curator Maria Therese Alvez has a ongoing project about ballast from ships and how this lead to global exchange of flora. In short when trade ships returned with an empty load, to maintain stability in the ships they were loaded with ballast most often in the form of soil. Arriving back the ballast was unloaded and in this way a huge exchange of soil and thereby seeds took place along the major trade routes. With great care in researching this she finds the ballasts spots, analyzes the flora present, makes gardens and more.
Alvez also co-founded Brazil's Green Party, something I would also like to know much more about.

See Wake!

Artists / Public Projects / Social Practice / Sustainability
16 Dec 2006
London, UK
Jeremy Deller is working to make a habitat for bats in London to promote wildlife friendly building design and public engagement with ecological issues. You can take part in monthly design challenges and next spring there will be a national design competition for artists, designers, architechts and the like for the final design of the house. The website is just up with resources and more. Deller is probably best known for the re-enactment of a miners strike: "The Battle of Orgreave"

Architecture / Artists / Sustainability
15 Dec 2006
US, San Francisco
'Slightly' different from National Public Radio, this NPR is an independent, artist-run radio project committed to providing an alternative media platform for artists, activists, musicians, and community members.

Check out their most recent broadcasts.

Artists / Free / Social Practice
03 Dec 2006
How are you doing.? And do you actually know how your neighbor is doing.?

Wibke Pausch created and distributes an 'Express-Yourself-Poster' which you can edit freely before you hang it in your window. Check 'Inzendingen' to see the results that people contributed.

Next Nature shows one of her other projects 'Schöne Aussichten' (=Great Prospects).

Artists / Social Practice
16 Nov 2006
A plethora of amazing projects! The Civic Studio is an experimental applied studio project. The studio employs the methods of visual art as means to study, form, and present art in a specific public context.

Artists / Organizations / Public Projects
13 Nov 2006
Not only has Hans Haacke recently set up his memorial to murdered Spartacist Rosa Luxemburg on Berlin’s Rosa Luxuemburg Platz, but he will be having a large retrospective show at the Academie Der Kunst.
It is titled “Hans Haacke : Wirklich Werke” and spans the years 1959 to 2006.
It opens on November 17 and runs until January 14.

Artists / Exhibitions
06 Nov 2006
Artists Sigrun Hrolfsdottir, Joni Jonsdottir, and Eirun Sigurdardottir based in Reykjavick produce performance, objects and good things to spread their message of 'Love conquers all, The future is beautiful!'.

22 Oct 2006
Migrating architectures.
The project explores the local aspects of China's global significance and increasing influence. It seeks to forecast possibilities which are now detectable only in connection with retail, but which will, in all likelihood, determine the built environment, which transforms under the pressure of ever-cheaper products.

Architecture / Artists / Virtual Soil
22 Oct 2006
What if you would pull Danube to a straight line?
Europe, Various Cities
The Danube Panorama Project is an experimental approach to photographic mapping and cartography. It's goal is to produce a full panorama of the Danube's river sides by digitally slit-scanning its coastlines, resulting in a unique 'cross section' of contemporary Europe.

via Nextlab

Artists / Virtual Soil
09 Oct 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
A wonderful world of social, public and fantastical projects. Parfyme is Copenhagen based: Pelle Brage, Ebbe Dam Meinild, and Laurids Sonne

Artists / Social Practice / Urban/City
07 Oct 2006
Reunion is an action research, contemporary visual arts project that has emerged from a secession of projects by Sophie Hope and Sarah Carrington through their curatorial partnership B+B. Reunion is a two year project consisting of research, meetings, residencies and exhibitions that try out ideas and reflect on what it means to be political as a cultural producer in Europe today.

Art + Activism / Artists / Public Projects / Social Practice
01 Oct 2006
The first art project for documenta 12 was launched in an apprentice workshop in Kassel: the social sculpture, Would you like to participate in an artistic experience? by the Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum. A total of twenty steel objects will now be migrating through different households and meeting points on three continents, through towns and cities such as Kassel, Ljubljana, Mexico City or Dakar. They will be altered by their temporary owners, and will themselves change. They are "unreasonable, fitting-in nowhere so they pose a challenge", as Roger M. Buergel commented. The documentation of this journey will be presented in June 2007, for documenta 12.


Artists / Exhibitions
01 Oct 2006
Austrian Photographer and video artist
Konrad's photographs examine urban border zones - the periphery, urban infrastructure, construction sites, and anonymous buildings - remote from the typical urban scenarios.
Her video work “Desert Cities” shows the haunting scenes outside of Cairo, miles of unfinished and empty buildings. What happens when urban communities try to live in a dry and unfriendly terrain.

Architecture / Artists / Urban/City
26 Sep 2006
How high will sea level go?
US, San Francisco
" is a collaborative art project designed to raise awareness of smart solutions to global warming and the consequence to future generations if we don't act now."

Art + Activism / Artists
20 Sep 2006
Lois & Franziska Weinberger´s work revolves around the notion of a garden as a "perfectly provisional realm".
"The analytical research and artistic investigation of forms, both making up Lois & Franziska Weinberger´s creative science, are geared towards unleashing natural and cultural processes in an unstructured, marginal, incidental, and anarchic pattern of growth."

..the works are great -and it also looks as if they had fun doing them - as a friend of mine noted
(maybe you remember the weeds on the tracks at Documenta X)

Artists / Public Projects
22 Aug 2006
Exporting Alaskan Ice to the Bahamas
Tavares Strachan creates a solar powered freezer to preserve a 4.5 ton portion of a frozen Alaskan river. The block of ice was shipped to the Bahama's for an exhibition in July.

In this project, he suggests that opposites, or extremes, are actually necessary for each other's survival. Ice on the surface of the Arctic Regions helps to maintain the Earth's warm climate, and heat helps keep ice frozen. The gist of the project is to actually bring the frozen north and the hot tropics into contact, to demonstrate that they are contrasting halves of a single entity, and to then utilize the heat and light energy of the South to maintain the exact opposite condition of sub-zero temperatures. The first part of the project is about the conceptual notion of ice and heat as the poles of our environment; the second part is about the miracles of technology, which can use one extreme of temperature to produce the other.

Artists / Exhibitions / Sustainability
22 Aug 2006
high rise honey!
Artists Harry Sachs (31) und Franz Höfner (35) have used the former No Man's Land of the Berlin Wall to build mini “plattenbau” for bees! The project - Honig Neustadt - currently houses around 500 000 bees and produces ecologically controlled honey too. More to come….

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability / Urban/City
02 Jul 2006
US, New York
A wonderful artist I happened upon. Especially charming are her public projects.

"Research in physics, botany, architecture, and urban sociology is fundamental to her practice. Through combining an exploration of complex, contemporary issues with an innovative use of low-tech materials, she creates works that contribute to an awareness of place and environment and reflect the vulnerabilities implicit in everyday life."

Artists / Public Projects
13 Jun 2006
Belgium, Ghent
" ... The economic structures of the animal park are based upon tourist norms and focus on entertaining the visitors. Nevertheless, entertainment is always part of reporting and informing about research, which offers visitors the chance to visualize cultivation techniques, behaviour patterns, conservation and ecology..... "

ZOO logical garden opens August 25, 2006 and will present work from eleven contemporary artists in the Family park Harry Malter.

Artists / Exhibitions
31 May 2006
Artist, Joost Conijn built a car that runs on wood,using wood as fuel instead of petrol. In order to keep the motor running, Conijn travels through woods, independent of petrol, leaving cultivated roads behind. Crossing little villages, people guide him to local saw-mills and offer him some food and spare wood. Wood Car stems from Conijn's desire to move and transport himself independently, towards alternative ways of life just outside the accommodated environment, open-mindedly questioning cultural presumptions.

Other projects include a self-made "Airplane" and a non-judgemental documentary, "Siddieqa, Firdaus, Abdallah, Soelayman, Moestafa, Hawwa en Dzoel-kifl", about a group of self-governing, anarchic children living in Holland.

Comprehensive Site of his work, but in Dutch:

Hout Auto:
the Challenge Blog
Still Photo

1. Quote from Handbook for Space Pioneers

Art + Activism / Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
28 May 2006
Make-shift vegetable oil-powered journey
"We don't think it is natural to have five lanes of cars rushing towards Amsterdam; we don't think it is natural to expect all trains to run on time, certainly not if they give us four to ten opportunities an hour to rush you to our destination. And we don't think it is natural that we, against better judgement, allow the market to determine what will and will not happen with the world. "

Photographer Jeroen Nooter and artist Sara Nuytemans drove a vegetable oil-powered truck to Mongolia in the summer of 2005. Travelling a distance of 11,711 km to advocate the use of vegetable oil as fuel and to create a greater awareness for Mongolia.

Artists / DIY / Homebrew / Sustainability
25 May 2006
Affected local diversity
Copenhagen, Denmark
In 2004, artist Åsa Sonjasdotter visited an Indian Organic Farmer’s organisation that shares locally breaded species of rice, wheat and beans to withstand the heavy pressure to enter commercial farming. Back home she started growing different varieties of potatoes, which - she found out later - were 'illegal' as they are not included on the EU’s listing.
or .. How two seemingly very different stories are related if you look at it from a potato's point of view.!

Artists / Organizations / Sustainability
25 May 2006
Eco-Tourists of Oakland
US, Oakland
WE Riders (West-East Oakland Riders) initiated their research project to culturally and geographically locate West and East Oakland with their tandem bicycle during the 2005 Bayennale.

Throughout May, June and July 2006, they will be collecting stories and images that will be displayed on a trailer-kiosk to help West and East Oakland residents physically locate, culturally define and celebrate their neighborhoods.

Artists / Events / Public Projects
10 May 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
A batch of wonderful pamphlets from the Artist Placement Group to Copenhagen Free University all avaliable in print and online.

Also check out Jackob Jakobsen's Info Center.

Architecture / Art + Activism / Artists / Public Projects / Urban/City
07 Apr 2006
US, San Francisco
Can you imagine a speech given by president Bush that would convince you that he has had a change of heart and could actually be the president of your dreams?

If not, listen to some of the speeches artist Helena Keeffe collected.

Art + Activism / Artists

27 Feb 2006
Life Support Systems
Mushrooms dining on motor oil. In our own backyard …
San Francisco
Soil is the vital system which supports growth of plants which supply food and oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and nitrogen is a foundation of life, yet we know less about it than we do about deep space. A shovel full of soil contains more living material than the total number of humans ever born. This is a frontier where fungi lay traps for thread-like worms, bacteria dine on toxic chemicals, and unknown species leave scientists and artists with an exciting world of discovery.

Recently, while doing research about mycoremediation we came across the work of Paul Stamets and Diane Whitmore. Stamets coined the term “mycoremediation” which refers to fungal mycelia used in bioremediation. Of particular interest was the work Stamets did with Battelle Laboratories, which was a major contribution to the research at a Washington State Department of Transportation site. This project involved four similar diesel-contaminated mounds of soil, which gave the team the possibility to apply varying remediation techniques in a comparable situation. Three mounds were covered with plastic tarps of which two piles were treated with bacterial remediation techniques and one was left unmanaged. The fourth pile was put into parallel, alternating layers of soil and pure culture sawdust spawn. This mound was left uncovered. Within a few weeks oyster mushrooms thrived on this specific pile and one month later plant life reappeared. A milieu of life forms (mushrooms, insects, larvae, birds, seeds) manifested a small ecosystem prospering on the (previously) toxic soil, in stark contrast to the three other piles. This experiment is evidence that with mycoremediation, brownfields can return to greenfields.

Mycelium possesses the ability to decompose organic structures by using enzymes to dissolve cellulose and lignin within. When the right fungal species are introduced in a contaminated environment, similar chemical bonds that are present in pollutants are broken down by these enzymes as well. Together with the habitats existent organisms, mycelium can decompose a wide variety of durable toxic chemicals. The fact that we can use mycoremediation to destroy the characteristic properties of long-chained toxins and break them down into less complex ones, gives us the possibility to use the technique in many different ways.

In 2002, artist Diane Whitmore was asked to be part of Chlorophilia, a one evening event at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. This green happening, curated by Phil Ross, exhibited the work of plant breeders, garden societies and research scientists, aligning the work of both artist and expert in a tradition that is as old as human culture. Diane had been interested in collecting edible mushrooms for a few years, when her friend suggested she see a Stamets lecture. She was immediately inspired by him and started experimenting with motor oil. She felt that the word on mycoremediation had to get out into other worlds. The Chlorophilia show seemed like an excellent environment for Diane’s OYSTER MUSHROOM BAR, a format that allowed her to engage with her audience and present a recipe to reverse disasters. In one evening she reached 250 people.

Diane’s Bar project took the form of five stools surrounding a bar where visitors were presented with place settings of a different sort. They received dinner plates of snow-white mycelium, and were encouraged to place drops of motor oil onto the cultures, and examine the result with forceps, scalpels and magnifiers. About one hundred plates of agar culture were served. Each plate was served upon information-laden placemats that visitors could take home. People also received ‘servings’ of mushrooms which had been feeding off of motor oil drained straw, and dissected them. In the meantime, standing behind her bar, Diane had the opportunity to answer questions and inform her audience about the possibilities of mycoremediation.

In an email interview with Diane, she revealed the roots of her interest in recycling and renewal: “As for my personal history, I think it really hit me at the age of 25. That would have been 1988. I had a job as a deckhand sailing across the Atlantic on a wooden ship. One day, I was asked to take out the trash. This meant dumping overboard. I didn't understand some of the subtleties of boat living at this point. I simply threw the black bag overboard, expecting I guess, for it to sink. It was a doldrummy, calm hazy day and the bag did not sink. I watched it float away from the ship, unable to retrieve it. It just floated there. It was very upsetting to me.

With help, that day, I organized a system to sort, dispose of and pack out waste. There were times, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that I'd see a lone styrofoam cup float by. The Ocean is really big, and you don't see boats for a week at a time, yet a styrofoam cup floats by you. It changed me, I think.

My first gig at the Exploratorium was as a volunteer for a Garbage Symposium in 1994. I was still a student at SFAI. There, I met Mel Chin, who was working with hyper-accumulating plants, remediating a site in Minnesota, my home state. I got interested in that along with collecting wild food and medicine. I had been using junk in diorama-type artworks since the boat trip, then incorporated my interest in systems and sculpture into a recycling and sorting system at the San Francisco Art Institute. Later, I co-developed a human-powered recycling system for the Burning Man project, a week-long temporary community in Nevada that hosts as many as 30,000 participants.”

So for those of us not attending Burning Man, we can look to the sky while we dip our toes into the far reaches of the earth in our backyards. Think globally, act locally!

Amy and Stijn

Art + Activism / Artists / Events / Sustainability
02 Nov 2005
A small website with some nice projects in allotment gardens in Sweden. Their "Network of Gardens" project lacks content , but it a nice effort.
Contribute now: Network of Gardens
This site was created by Lena Ignestam and Christel Lundberg

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability / Virtual Soil
18 Oct 2005
Humanizing the faces of post 9/11
US, New York
Since 9/11, thousands of Muslim immigrants were detained in a security dragnet. The majority of those detained were from the invisible underclass of cities like New York.

The art collective Visible collects and visualizes related information.

01 Oct 2005
Tagging along a Free Ride
Bozo Texino is a 56min documentary on the secret history of hobo and railworker graffiti, called WHO IS BOZO TEXINO? Shooting over a period of 16 years, Bill Daniel rode freights across the west gathering interviews and clues to the identities of many of the most legendary boxcar artists while discovering a vast underground folkloric practice that has existed for over a century.

What does this film have to do with Free-Soil?:
Bozo Texino embraces "a subculture of men who, by choice or necessity, slip beneath society's radar and adopt a rootless existence, free of social security numbers and the bonds of wage slavery. In a political climate where welfare mothers receive the full brunt of opprobrium from upper and working classes alike, few are aware of this liminal network of rail-riding hoboes, whose names are not recorded in the files of state-assistance bureaucracies."

Catch Who is Bozo Texino at the Viennale

More on Bozo Texino + Bill Daniel

Artists / Free / Sustainability
18 Sep 2005
In late 2004, the Australian government formed the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA), and granted itself sweeping powers to displace residents and pave the way for urban renewal in the area of Redfern and Waterloo.
The Squatspace gallery and collective is offering 2 FREE bus tours of the area, giving a feel for what these changes will mean for the local indigenous community that lives there.

Tour Info

Squatspace themselves have a colourful and important place in the history of squatting and artistic infiltrations in Sydney.

Artists / Free / Public Projects
27 Jul 2005
Writing and Art
ORLO: call for submissions

Wanted: short accounts of personal experiences with global warming.

Response-based Feature Magazine Article to be published in The Bear Deluxe Magazine.

Deadline: August 15

Orlo is a a nonprofit organization using the creative arts to explore
environmental issues.

For more info go to

Artists / Calls
24 Jun 2005
Currator of the Imaginairy Museum
For over thirty years now, Tjebbe Van Tijen has been creating 'visualisations' of ecological matters, urban conflicts, alternative culture and historical subjects. Current research projects focus on ‘literary psycho-geography’, aerial bombing, mapping human violence, visual language, media history and education systems.

A recent interview, in OPEN (NAi Publishers) by Geert Lovink, highlights his 'Unbombing the World' and 'Ars Memoria' projects and gives an insight in his thoughts on collective memory.

Artists / Books
08 Jun 2005
US, Various Cities maps all the 'public fruit' planted on private property that overhangs public space. This project encourages people to harvest, plant and share public fruit. The project is a response to accelerating urbanization, as well as issues of grassroots community activism and social responsibility. The mission of the project is to expand the community and using Fruit maps, photos and essays to create an online, global public fruit resource.

Artists / Organizations / Public Projects / Sustainability
03 May 2005
Cultural Intervention
US, Various Cities
subRosa is a cyberfeminist cell of artists and activists based in several US cities that “combines art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the effects of the intersections of the new information and biotechnologies on women’s bodies, lives, and work.”

Artists / Exhibitions / Virtual Soil
03 May 2005
Instructional procedures...
San Francisco
Do It stems from an open exhibition model, and exhibition in progress. Individual instructions can open empty spaces for occupation and invoke possibilities for the interpretations and rephrasing of artworks in a totally free manner. do it effects interpretations based on location, and calls for a dovetailing of local structures with the artworks themselves. The diverse cities in which do it takes place actively construct the artwork context and endow it with their individual marks or distinctions.
Interview with Hans Urlrich Obrist

Artists / Exhibitions
18 Apr 2005
Julie Ryder

Artist in residence October 2004 – March 2005
Julie is working closely with the scientists at the CPBR on the little understood world of cryptogams-spore-bearing plants without flowers or seeds, which include the mosses, hornworts, liverworts and ferns. With a background in textile design, Julie is increasingly working with new media technologies to enable the development of new techniques and designs. With access to electron microscopy, the residency will explore the visualisation and display of small-scale objects and applying web-based technology to exchange visual information about these fascinating organisms and their role in modern ecology.
To follow Julie’s progress in her residency, visit her Synapse blog at

13 Apr 2005
Copenhagen, Denmark
Artist well worth checking out, on the webpage you can download his book, with texts by Bourriaud, Lars Bang Larsen and others.

Artists / Books / Free
05 Apr 2005
Klaus Weber
Klaus Weber has conducted research into a special type of funghi, Agaricus bitorquis, which is more commonly known as the 'sidewalk' mushroom. This wild, edible mushroom tastes slightly of hazelnut and often grows beneath tarmac, strong enough to push up concrete and break through asphalt.

05 Apr 2005
In “Urban_diary”, Berlin, Germany, 2001-2002.
Cellphone users could send messages via SMS technology to an ‘urban-diary’ that was projected onto a pair of screens located above the tracks at the Alexanderplatz station in Berlin.

Architecture / Artists / Public Projects
04 Apr 2005
Johannes Gees
Europe, Various Cities
During the World Economic Forum,a laser text display on the mountain side in Davos, Switzerland, allowed the projection of texts which might be read by otherwise unreachable corporate and political leaders, meeting in January of 2001. Texts were sent via sms or through email.

”A laser projector will beam your message (up to 160 characters) onto the mountain side overlooking Davos, so that it can be seen by the hundreds of journalists and thousands of politicians and business leaders attending the conference.”

More info at

Artists / Public Projects
30 Mar 2005
Agnes Denes
Wheatfield battery park
US, New York
An impressive projects, that puts urban gardening and farming into perspective, and some good photos
read more here

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability
30 Mar 2005
Nils Norman
interview and links
Urbanist utopias and critisism with the art of Nils Norman
Interview by Knut Åsdam

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability
27 Mar 2005
The artist group WochenKlausur develops concrete proposals aimed at small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. Proceeding even further and invariably translating these proposals into action, artistic creativity is no longer seen as a formal act but as an intervention into society.

Some discussions are ongoing regarding their methodes and costs, this could be a nice discussion to develope

Artists / Public Projects
27 Mar 2005
Copenhagen, Denmark
They do knowledge production, publications, shows, discussions and more
Their online library
With links to sister universities, and some fine research on Situationism.

27 Mar 2005
Marjetica Potrc is a Ljubljana-based artist and architect.

Both micro objects and large scale urban interventions, wind energy and sustainable projects - a huge body of work

Artists / Public Projects / Sustainability
27 Mar 2005
Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher and various guests.

Artists / Education
27 Mar 2005
Temporary Services + Mess Hall
US, Chicago
Temporary Services
Mess Hall

Artists / Free / Public Projects
27 Mar 2005
Germany, And Other Central European Countries
German Lebensreform (life reform) around 1890 till ? 1925 in Germany and Switzerland (even Belgium i just learned) a multitude moovement there was a lot of emphasis on the body, nakedness in the woods, small artists communities in the mountains, but also things which influenced the nazi moovement on hygeene and the culture of the body. But in genertal very alternative and experimental. Not so much have been written about it outside Germany
Earth reform, sexual, social and educational issues were also a part, as well as a new spirituality, and new ways of living.

A lot of present day ecological and green thinking originates from some of these currents and moovements.

text by artist Stephan Dillemuth
A Mountain For Minorities

a book (In german)

Artists / Sustainability
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A seminar and exhibition organized by Ulrike Solbrig, Åsa Sonjasdotter and Nis Rømer, in Sparwasser, Berlin, August 2007.

Text by Nis R...


The project intersects with recent public debate in Copenhagen about air pollution in the city. In collaboration with Senior Scientist Jørgen Brandt from The National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark a first prototype is developed for making an indicator that can be placed in the city and display local levels of pollution as well as pollution forecasts on individual streets. The project holds an open source script for displaying data from the Internet in a variety of forms.
Link of the Week:  
Interview with Fritz Haeg by Nato Thompson

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